Review: Spotify vs Amazon Music vs Apple Music

Thanks to innovation, music lovers can enjoy songs without limits. Technology has transformed our world of entertainment significantly. As it stands, there are various platforms through which music lovers can easily access various old and current songs – Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music being the most popular of them.


At $9.99 per month, you can download a wide range of current and old songs from Spotify. There are options to create playlists from the songs you love or listen to pre-made playlists containing songs that have been selected to fit your mood through varying activities. This way, you can literally sleep to music and wake up with it.

Spotify is a platform for streaming music, and music alone. Users will not find podcasts or audiobooks on it like they can on Apple Music and Amazon Music but there are innumerable number of songs to be discovered on this platform.

You can search for songs through the name of an artiste, song title or album and you can explore the digital music space through mood and music genre with your computer, android device, iOS smartphone, vehicles (not all of them), TVs and PlayStation Music

The $9.99 payment subscription is for Premium services which allows you to enjoy Spotify in the manner that has been mentioned above. You can stream music, download them, access playlists and browse through music without interferences from ads.

In contrast, the Spotify Free service allows you to stream music and playlists but you get to notice ads through your exploration of this platform. Also, there’s no way you can download playlists or music using the Free service.

Using Spotify is very easy. There are various tutorials (articles and videos) featured on the Spotify official website that users can see for better understanding of the platform. Also, Spotify also has a large database of FAQs for putting users through on how best to enjoy the music streaming service.

For more support, Spotify has customer care reps who are ready to provide help through the email while users can also join the Spotify community to get answers and feedback on glitches experienced. However, Spotify lacks live chat and telephone supports.

Amazon Music

Amazon has been popular for their music platforms over the years. The Amazon Music has become widely used by the people and it’s a download service that allows users access songs as they want.

Amazon Music is an e-store that combines the powers of Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited to give users music experience like never before. Users can pre-order music and be the first to get latest releases from their favourite artiste.

Moreover, you can download music as you want on this digital music store at own your convenience as there is a wide range of songs on this platform to buy. You could buy an album for as little as $5 and a song for only $1 – although this depends on the kind of song you wish to buy.

Browsing through music collections on this platform does not cause any form of discomfort because users can search by newly added songs, artiste name, top-rated songs, bestsellers or even keywords and categories. They also get to preview songs in their library using categories such as album, song, artist, genre or imported songs. But, this platform doesn’t feature some of the music collection that you can find on Spotify.

However, you can subscribe for the Amazon Prime Music to create music stations and playlists with numerous songs that are available on the platform. This service allows the importation of 250,000 songs for $24.99 per year. It can also scan the folder of the music player on your device for auto upload of songs.

Additionally, Amazon Music Unlimited is also available on the Amazon Music for those with the Prime membership. This package costs about $9.99 per month or $14.99 a month for a family-of-six account.

The Amazon Music allows users to enjoy the songs on their playlist offline through their car, Windows PC, MAC, iPod, android devices and iOS smartphones.

There are supports all over the internet for easy use of Amazon Music. Likewise, there are specific directions on using Amazon Music on different devices and unlike Spotify, Amazon has customer service reps for can be reached through live chats and telephone conversations.

Apple Music

Apple Music has enjoyed more use by the public in recent times. Users of this music service have grown to about 17 million worldwide and songs on the platform have expanded to over 30 million. More so, some songs were recently exclusively released on Apple Music.

If so, the digital music space is something for every music lover. It has the combination of Siri, a virtual assistance for voice control, and playlists by music critic editors and brands whose have handpicked the best songs for listeners. Users can also upload their songs on their iCloud account with the permission to upload up to 25,000 music files. This helps them stream their songs across various devices.

Moreover, Apple Music users can connect with their favourite music stars through the social feed on the music app. Artiste are allowed to create their pages on “Connect” which brings them closer to their fans who can on the posts of artistes (updates, photos and videos).

Also, a 24/7 live radio station, Beats 1, is integrated into this music app. However, Apple Music burns in the area of simple interface for easy browsing through music files. But, users are bound to experience glitches when integrating their music collections into the music app.

Like Spotify and Amazon Music, the subscription fee for enjoying Apple Music to the fullest is $9.99 a month. There is also an option for a monthly package for a family-of-six at $14.99 which requires a user to configure iCloud Family Sharing before-hand.

Apple Music is lenient, just like the two-other digital music software, featuring a free service version which allows you to play songs that you have already bought from iTunes and enjoy music from Beats 1 and other radio stations –  although you will notice ads along the way.

There’s also the privileged of enjoying Apple Music services for three months after signing up. But will be required to pay a subscription fee of $9.99 a month after this period.

Meanwhile, Apple Music works well on computers (Windows PC and MAC) and is available for download on the Google Play Store for the benefit of Android users.


No doubt, Spotify as well as Amazon Music and Apple Music have something to offer music fans but Spotify excels the other music app in many ways.

Spotify contains more music collection than Amazon Music and supersedes Apple Music when it comes to simple interface for easy use. Moreover, Apple Music does badly with its iCloud service which misplaces users’ songs across various devices.

Our rating of this apps places Spotify in the first position followed by Amazon Music then Apple Music, especially because Amazon Music has more support for users on the internet.

However, users may opt for either Amazon Music or Apple Music if they wish to access audio books and podcasts.