Review: Xbox One S Vs PlayStation 4 Pro

The wold of gaming is an exciting and thrilling one, the introduction of different games, upgrades, software and hardware makes it more and more adventurous. Many companies introduce newer models and one of them is Sony. Sony introduced their flagship game console, PS4 Pro, just at the time when Microsoft launched their Xbox One S. This shows that these companies are trying hard to position themselves as the market leaders.

The effect of this on gamers, however, is that it becomes very difficult for them to decide which to buy between the two gaming gadgets. This review helps you make your decision making process easier so you can decide on the right console to buy if you were intent on purchasing any one of the two.

Xbox One S

Xbox One S is the newer model of the Xbox One series that costs about $349. It is compact, quiet and has an impressive resolution of 4K (Ultra HD) for flawless gaming experience. The game console packs more space with its hard drive of 2 TB, which makes one wonder what else can Microsoft do to bring game lovers something to love and cherish.

The Xbox One S features the Windows 10 interface, which allows it to become an easy-to-use game console for first-timers. Again, the body of this console is one of its strongest points. It has a beautiful white body and a remodelled front panel, making the console a better built and solid fun box that is stronger than its predecessor.

Xbox One S even allows users to stream video with the HDMI 2.0a port that can perfectly stream videos in HDR. In addition, YouTube, Amazon Video, Netflix and Vudu have their 4K versions apps at the Xbox One Store for quality streaming experience.

The game console almost trips because it doesn’t come with the Kinect port that was featured on its earlier version were it not that Microsoft announced that they would give the USB adapters freely to owners of the Xbox One S who require for one. Users will need USB adapter to use the Kinect voice control of the game console.

The sad news, however, is that there are no other colour options for those who, for whatever reason, do not like their game consoles in white. The only colour changes that they can make is on the controller of the game console.

Interestingly, the Xbox One S controller supports Bluetooth that allows you to swiftly connect to your PC for playing games. Also, the controller is designed to help users hold it for longer time because of its textured grip. It also has a sensitive, sharp antenna that gives players the room for sitting as far away from the screen as possible. The controller gives users much freedom and comfort.

However, the bad side of the Xbox One S is that its newly improved controllers does not allow users to connect more than one control at a single time to the PC using Bluetooth. Also, the Xbox One Store is yet to contain varieties of apps for users’ benefits.

It is quite hard to really pinpoint the disadvantage of the Xbox One S because everything about it seems so perfect. The display quality, size, processor, even space. However, the absence of the Kinect port is something that casts a blemish of this white game console.

PlayStation 4 Pro

The newly released PS4 Pro from Sony is something to look forward to. The hardware of the Pro console is significantly an upgrade to that of PS4 as it can display in HDR and 4K but cost more than Microsoft’s Xbox One S at $399.

This console has a 1 TB hard drive storage, unlike the Xbox One S that has 2 TB, but the size range of the two consoles is quite close. But for those who are used to the size of the PS4, the PS4 Pro could be very disappointing because it is slightly larger and wider than its previous version.

The design of the console is not as enviable as that of Xbox One S but still holds its own in its matte black exterior and sharp edges.

Furthermore, the controller of the PS4 Pro is DualShock 4 and is quite different from what the controller of the earlier models used to be. It looks more rugged and is rechargeable, which is an added advantage over the controller of Xbox One which uses AA batteries. However, the controller of the Xbox One lasts longer than that of PS4 Pro which requires regular charging.

There are improvements in the interior of this game console as well because it features Bluetooth 4.0 and an enhanced Wi-Fi antenna that works with dual-band 802.11ac wireless. This Wi-Fi antenna aids in quick download of games.

Meanwhile, the PS4 Pro runs faster than the Xbox One S, considering that it has more GPU units for quicker processing. It memory system also simpler than that of Xbox One, as it features an 8 GB GDDR5 memory. Moreover, various cross-platform games seem to run sharper on the PS4 Pro at 1920 x 1080 resolution. Like Xbox One S, PS4 also supports Blu-ray drives and 3D Blu-ray including streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Netflix and other services.

On the contrary, PS4 Pro fails to feature 4K UHD Blu-ray player that is present in Xbox One S. Moreover, it only supports thirty games at the moment. Yet, PS4 Pro game console is still an incredible fun box that is worth acquiring.


The Xbox One S and PS4 Pro have the important qualities that game fans will find interesting. They both have features that make them worth every dollar that they worth.

However, it is recommended for game lovers who want the best gaming quality, without extras from other entertainment channels, to go for the PS4 Pro. It is more expensive than the Xbox One S but has a faster loading time and sharper display.

In contrast, gamers who want a combination of good gaming time and a fair share of entertainment can go for the Xbox One S, which poses as a multi-purpose device.