The Great Erasable Pen

As a writer, there is nothing more that I love than a good pen. But let’s face it. I am human and make mistakes, so really, an erasable pen is more up my alley. Back in grade school we had these erasable pens that were just outright awful. It seemed like whenever I wrote with them, they were almost scratchy, had periods where they didn’t write parts of a letter or word, and when you erased the ink, it would leave a big blue smudge. I was hoping by the time I was in my thirties, which I am, some pen company would come out with the perfect erasable pen so my calendar wouldn’t be full of scribbles and paperwork could be done neatly. And guess what? Pilot and Paper Mate both came out with erasable pens. Instead of trying one…of course the stationary lover that I am…had to buy both to check them out.


I am going to cut to the chase. Writing with an erasable pen was terrible when I was a student, and now that I have found adult pens, I have to tell you right off the bat my thoughts on each one.

The two pens that I purchased were the Paper Mate® Erasermate® Ballpoint Pens and the Pilot FriXion Ball Clicker Erasable Gel Pens. When I got home from the store, I couldn’t wait to tear these bad boys open. I bought twelve packs of each, because you know, I do a lot of writing…and a lot of erasing.

Hands down, the Pilot pen was the winner by far. The Pilot FriXion pen wrote just like a gel pen and when finished scribbling, you could not tell that it was an erasable pen. The ink was smooth and it wrote dark as well. It felt like a regular pen, it never skipped when writing, and I could write at most angles with it.

The Erasermate reminded me of those elementary school pens. Although they have come a long way, they did not write nearly as good as the FriXion pens. Now, I have to admit, I am a little biased when it comes to good ink. I don’t particularly care for ballpoint pens, because I don’t think they write as nicely. I was never really a fan of gel pens either to be frank. However, I was a little dismayed that I spent money on 11 pens that I won’t use very often- so I keep those in my car and at the office for clients.

Yes, I could have bought singles of each pen, but the store only carried twelve packs of each so I went with it. The FriXion pens were slightly more expensive- about $16 for twelve of them. The Erasermate pens were about $11 for the same amount. The price difference was a little steep, and at first I thought it was just the design of the pen, but in all reality, the higher price really did equate to a better pen.

The second part of the pen, the eraser, was just an important to me as the ink was. As a mother, a business owner, and a writer, I tend to need an eraser for paperwork, edits, etc. But, I also needed the ink to erase cleanly without leaving smudges.

I tried both pens several types of paper including regular paper, copy paper, waterproof travel journal paper, cardboard and others to test the eras ability.

The FriXion eraser was unique. It is a little rubber nub on the end of the pen that blends in nicely so the average person does not realize that it is there. Great pen design by the creators. As far as eras-ability it erased cleanly off MOST surfaces without smudging. On regular paper, like my calendar, it erased perfectly, leaving nothing but the imprinted engraving of the words on the page. The ink was completely gone. In my travel journals however, it did smear a little bit.

The Erasermate pens were little white rubber erasers at the end of the pen, which made it stick out just like a pencil eraser. To me, this just doesn’t look professional. When using it on the same surfaces, it smeared and then eventually erased cleanly with some elbow grease. The great thing was, I didn’t have to erase enough that it tore a hole in the sheet.

I hate pens that smudge. That is why I have never been a big fan of gel pens. In this line, Erasermate was the winner, because they didn’t smudge at all. I mean, after a whole sheet of writing I did have a little on the side of my hand from dragging it across the page, but nothing to write home about.

The FriXion pens weren’t terrible for being a gel-like pen. They smudged on some surfaces, but they really were worth the purchase. I wouldn’t say they smeared enough to matter, and on regular paper they didn’t smear at all after writing and the ink dries quickly. Overall, I was quite happy with how well it stayed on the page.


Both pens were difficult to find. I was able to find the FriXion pens more quickly than the Erasermate, even online. I ended up finding both brands at a local stationary store, but I can definitely say that I saw the FriXion pens more often in my travels. I use to be able to find erasable pens at drugstores and dollar stores, but I was unable to find them at either. Their availability isn’t the greatest, but they can easily be found online.

Overall, both of these pens are alright. However; the FriXion pens are now a regular staple in my stationary bag. I have bought several twelve packs and a variety of colors. I was even able to find the FriXion highlighters which are way cool and work really well. This was a great product to buy and I would recommend them to anyone. I am not sure how well I would recommend them for things like signing checks or legal paperwork, but for everyday use as a student and as a professional writer, I would buy these again and again.