Cat Litter Comparison- Buy Scoop Away Not Tidy Cats

Okay, so writing about cat litter wasn’t my lifelong childhood dream, but for anyone with cats, you will understand how valuable this topic is. I am sick and tired of smelling cat litter throughout my house, when every product states that it masks the terrible odor of ammonia. Now, don’t get me wrong. I only have one cat, and I am very persistent about changing cat little frequently in order to avoid the rancid smell. So, I decided to try out two cat litters I have never tried before and give them the ultimate test, my Rag Doll feline, Rosie.

Cat Litter Comparison


Since I only have one cat, I decided to save myself a few dollars and opt out of the multi cat litter formula. Part of my believes that my cats defecation is strong enough for a multi cat formula, but hey, start small eh?

Scoop Away offers six different varieties of cat litter including: Complete Performance Scented, Multi-Cat Scented, Super Clump Scented, Extra Strength Scented and Lightweight Scented formulas. The Tidy Cats brand include lightweight, scoop, alternative, non-clumping, and breeze. In order to be fair to the formulas, I tried the lightweight versions of each for single cats. Both of the company’s websites offer a litter selector if you are unsure of what type you need for your feline companion.


The new lightweight formulas are great for single moms like me. When you have to haul a container of cat litter through a store, to the cat, to the house and then to the litter box, you definitely get a workout. The difference in the lightweight formulas is the actual weight of the litter.

Scoop Away states that the weight of a normal box is reduced by 30 percent. Meaning, a 25 pound box is now just over 15 pounds. This makes an incredible difference. The Tidy cats formula states that it is 50 percent lighter, and they also offer five different scents and formulas to choose from.


The Scoop Away lightweight brand is just under $12 for the 15.4 pound box. The Tidy Cats lightweight formula was a little more difficult to judge, because some of them are weighed in Kg versus pounds. The eight pound box was just over twelve dollars. So, it is difficult to compare by the weight of the boxes due to the difference in formulas, but it seems as though the Tidy Cats cat litter is a little more expensive but a little more lightweight.


One of the biggest things that I hate about changing cat litter is the dust that is emitted into the air when pouring it into the cat box. Many times after changing cat litter, especially when using really cheap brands, I had to exit the room the cat litter box was in so that I could breathe. I would hate for one of my children or my cat to have to enter the bathroom after changing the pan because of the horrible dust in the air.

The Scoop Away brand had far less dust when changing the box than the Tidy Cats. I waited until the cat litter needed to be completely changed to test this theory. Granted it is a subjective analysis, but I definitely believe that the Tidy Cats brand uses more dust to create their lightweight formula.


Although Scoop Away beat out Tidy Cats in the dust aspect, I have to say that Tidy Cats cat litter has a much better scent that lasts a lot longer. Each time my cat scratched in the litter box, the scent of the Tidy Cats was released, and I have to say it was a fairly pleasant smell that stayed in the air longer.

Scoop Away had a mild scent at first, but there was little scent over the course of the week. The scent of the ammonia was well hidden and the brand was much better for those who may be sensitive to harsh fumes or smells. I like the milder scent for the cat, because I feel like there were less chemicals that would be sticking to her paws, which she cleans regularly.


So, here was the real test. How do the products work?

My overall opinion is the Scoop Away does a better job at clumping and keeps the odor of the box more neutral throughout the week. I had to change the pan in about ten days, and I scooped the litter each day. It was easier to clean, and the clumps didn’t fall apart when cleaning.

Tidy Cats wasn’t bad, but the clumps would break apart when I cleaned the box. I felt as though I would need to change the litter more often, because after awhile if the cat didn’t use the box, the scent of the box would be present in the bathroom. If the cat used the box, the fresh scent was released, but overall, the Scoop Away brand was better in this arena.


The Scoop Away brand box lasted me just about a month with one cat with regular changing. For my litter feline, spending twelve dollars a month wasn’t a bad investment.

However, the Tidy Cats, I ended up going through the box in two weeks. Part of the reason was because when I cleaned it, the clumps broke apart, which left the box seemingly dirty. This means I would be spending up to $25 a month on cat litter, and that seems a little extreme.

Although Tidy Cats offers more varieties of cat litter to choose from, maybe I just chose the wrong brand for our household. I may try other products in the future. However, I really think that Scoop Away’s advertising is very honest, and I believe that their products really worked with my cat’s chemistry much better. The dust and scent were much milder, it lasted longer, and it was less expensive in the long run. There are many other brands out there, but I do not think that choosing a dollar store brand or one that is much less expensive would deliver the quality that Scoop Away does. You can find out more about Scoop Away at