Car Insurance Companies That Won’t Break Your Budget

Looking for a new car insurance company? There are many of them on the market today, and it may be a little daunting if you are looking for the first time, or if you are switching your policy to get the best bang for you buck (or buck for your bang depending on the situation).


There are five basic types of car insurance that you can create a policy with. The first is liability. Liability insurance is the bare minimum coverage that covers the cost of repairing damaged property and medical. The second type of car insurance is collision coverage which will pay for car repairs or pay the value of your car if it gets totaled in an accident. The third type is comprehensive insurance. This will cover damages to your car for other coverage other than an accident- you hit a deer, if it is stolen, bad weather, etc. The fourth is personal injury protection which will cover medical bills of you and your passengers. The final part is under or uninsured motorist protection which will cover other individuals who are driving your vehicle and you, the insured driver, are not the cause of the accident.


The best thing that you can do is to request a quote from car insurance companies that you are interested in, so that you have a bargaining chip when negotiating premiums (how much you pay per month or every six months) and rates. Many things will impact the cost of your car insurance premium. Your age, marital status, how many people in your household, your driving record, the type of vehicle, how far you drive and much more are factored in when a car insurance company is deciding how much your policy should cost. Your insurance broker wants to ensure that you are getting the correct coverage that will meet your needs in case an accident occurs. Filing a claim after an accident can be a headache if you don’t have the right company, so make sure that you are able to speak with agents directly to evaluate their willingness to help you if you have questions about the process.


There are three insurance companies that are rated the best in their league. Depending on where you are located, available insurance companies and coverage may differ. However, these three insurance companies deliver excellent service, offer reasonable premiums, and offer several discounts for various qualifiers such as a defensive driving course, safety features on your vehicle and multi-driver discounts.

GEICO is quickly becoming one of the top rated car insurance companies. Yes, they offer a number of different types of policies- renters, homeowners, and other insurances, but if you are looking for one of the best rates for your vehicle, they make the cut. When going to their website, you will start by submitting your basic information to get a quote. Sometimes, they will be able to provide you a quote quickly, but depending on your circumstances, they may send your finalized quote to the email address that you provide them. Your car insurance premium can be split into monthly payments and automatically withdrawn from your bank account, but if you pay for your whole policy upfront you end up saving hundreds of dollars. GEICO’s website is extremely user-friendly, and their customer service agents are very knowledgeable and willing to assist you one step at a time. Although this is not the least expensive company, but they have a number of other attributes that make the few extra dollars you pay per month worth it.

Progressive is another car insurance company that rates highly for consumers. Unlike other insurance companies, they will give you a price comparison based on the information that you provide, giving you the rates of their competitors. Either they will understand if you choose another broker to save money, or they may match the savings, depending on the situation. Progressive has a number of different brokers- so you may end up getting a Progressive policy under another firm, such as Farmer’s Insurance. Progressive one of the least expensive car insurance companies that delivers the coverage that you need, They have a number of agents throughout the country, so finding on office near you is very easy.

Esurance car insurance represents a new wave of doing business. You won’t be able to find a live agent in your area, but it is all done digitally. You sign up online, you get your quote online, you electronically sign your paperwork, use online payment methods, file your claims and receive your paperwork via email. It is a completely digital way of doing business which is very convenient in today’s day in age. The great thing is, because everything is online, the company does not have to pay for high labor and building costs, which come down to you, the consumer, in savings. Esurance is one of the least expensive agents you can purchase car insurance from, especially if you don’t need a lot of coverage. However, if you want face-to-face interaction, you will be better off choosing one of the companies listed above.


Who you choose to represent you for a claim is all dependent on what type and how much coverage you need, and how much money you are willing to spend for your car insurance premium. There are hundreds of different agents to choose from, and as long as you keep your insurance on your car, you have the freedom to negotiate or change companies at your will. Sometime, choosing the cheapest agent isn’t always the best because when it comes time to file a claim, you need to ensure that you have a company that will expedite your claim and make sure you are taken care of in the process. The best thing is to talk to other people that you know and get a personal recommendation. However, if you are looking for a place just to get you started in the right direction, the three companies listed above are highly recommended by many policy holders and retain excellent reviews for their services.