LED light bulb

LED Lights: Which One To Add To Your Cart

The age of filament bulbs and tube lights is long gone. Not only did those two brought bigger electricity bills with them, but they had an extremely short life expectancy. That’s when LED lights saved the day.

LED, short for light-emitting diodes, light bulbs have been around for a while now and they’re not going to go away anytime soon. Being one of the hallmarks inventions of its kind, LED lights are cost -efficient, power-saving and do not pose burn injuries to the user. On top of that, they are a lot more long lasting so the price tag on them is worth it.

But as with all other products with multiple manufacturers, the choice of which LED light to bring back home is a challenge potential buyers have to face. If you’re one of those potential buyers, this review will help make that decision easier for you so read on!

What to Look For

Light bulbs are simple. They don’t have any advanced technology or features in them. After all, they are made to provide a source of good quality light. So when you’re out to shop for new light bulbs, all you have to do is look for the one with the better quality of luminescence, better design, watts, and of course the price on them.

A few of the most sought after LED lights of 2017 that check these boxes are:

  • Cree 4Flow 11W LED
  • Philips 60W Replacement LED
  • Osram 60 W Replacement Ultra LED
  • GE 16W LED
  • Green Creative BR30 Cloud LED

All of these brands have expertise in what they produce but there’s always one thing in that’s better in the other. It’s important to know the details of these simple devices to make a sensible choice to buy your next light bulb.


The 11W LED isn’t the only model by Cree that has secured a position in the top light bulbs of all time, but this model in particular has managed to make it to the very top. Here are some reasons why:

The Cree 11W has a smart design and a fashionable bulb body. Its performance is much better than the older models by Cree. Perhaps the biggest highlight of this bulb is its ‘4Flow’ mechanism. This system allows the heat from outside to rise in a convectional current, pulling in cooler air from the surrounding. By this system, the bulb doesn’t tend to heat up at all.

This light bulb also has an impressively light weight of only about 1.9 ounces, much lower than its predecessors. The life span of this model is 25,000 hours which is pretty good for an LED light. Another pro of buying the Cree 4Flow is its low price of only US $8.

Not everything about this bulb is great though. The warranty on this light bulb is only 3 years, which is a lot lesser than the warranty of its parent model – the Cree 60 W.

Philips 60W Replacement LED

Philips has been the top-seller in the lighting industry with an extensive market all across the globe. Personally the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word LED, it’s a picture of the Philips bulb.

The 60W Replacement LED is a model by Philip that is the most popular right now. It has a nice, slim body and has a nice 5 year warranty. The best thing about these bulbs is that they’re pretty energy-efficient.

The only problem Philips 60W Replacement LED has is that it can’t be dimmed. If you have a dimmer attached to you lights at home or your office, then this bulb might not be the best purchase. The price on them (US $15) might also be a minor drawback since most of the light bulbs are cheaper than this. Another con of this light bulb is that it’s a bit more to the heavy side than most LEDs.

Osram 60W Replacement Ultra LED

Contrary to the Philips 60 Watt model, the Osram 60W LED light bulb has a strong dimming ability. This light bulb offers good quality brightness and doesn’t dissipate too much heat either. But there’s one particular reason why the Osram model made it to the top – it is impressively energy-efficient. The Osram 60 W Ultra LED draws only 8.5 Watts and that is definitely something to consider when you’re out buying a bulb just because of its energy-saving capabilities. The warranty on this model is a good five years. It’s also a low-cost light bulb (US $8).

The Osram 60W has a lot of pros, but there are some things it falls short on for example, the design isn’t that great. The body of the bulb is boring and doesn’t stand out.


Maybe you haven’t heard of this one before, but let me tell you – it’s an impressive light bulb which has some pretty solid reasons to reach the list of the best lights in the market.

The GE 16 W LED is extremely energy-efficient with an amazing 10 year warranty which is much larger than all of the bulbs we discussed above. Priced at US $10, the GE 16 W is a smart buy. The reasons it might not be are a few in number. First off, the color rendering isn’t the best. Secondly, even though it has a 10 year warranty, so does the Cree 60W LED but the Cree model is slightly less pricey than the GE 16W bulb.

Green Creative BR30 Cloud LED

This particular light bulb has been the favorite of many households. Why, you may ask? The design is pretty great and like the Cree 11W 4Flow, it has a good system to keep the bulb from heating up. As far as efficiency and the quality of brightness go, it does a pretty good job if not the best.

However, the bulb does tend to flicker randomly and like the GE light bulb, the color rendering isn’t that great.

So Which LED Light Are You gGetting?

It’s true all of these LED lights are similar in a lot of aspects but the minor differences between them make them somewhat better than the other.

The Cree 11W with its 4Flow heating system definitely remains at the top of the game and is worth considering when you’re out shopping for some new lights. Coming up close is the Osram 60 W Replacement Ultra LED mainly because of its amazing energy-saving qualities and a good price to performance ratio.