Fidget Spinner- The New Craze For Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, there is a hot new product on the market that is coming to the rescue and it is becoming a massively huge trend. These little devices, called Fidget Spinners, are calming children, teenagers and adults all over the world with their soothing new technology. These devices are also great for those who suffer from ADHD, and are quickly becoming a top suggestion by pediatricians and psychiatrists due to their positive effect.

Fidget Spinner for Anxiety


If you find yourself tapping your pencil, jiggling your knee, or your mind wandering, a fidget spinner may be your solution These gadgets are good for people of all ages from a five year old to a fifty year old. Regardless if you are in class, in a boring meeting, or if you just need something to carry in your pocket to keep your hands busy and mind occupied, this is the cure all to anxious movements.

Fidget spinners are good for individuals who suffer from a variety of maladies, not just anxiety. It has been beneficial to those with ADHD, autism, and more. The tactile stimulation that you get from these little finger devices help concentration and soothe nervous tendencies- not to mention they are really cool. They even have helped individuals who want to quit smoking cigarettes and who bite their nails.


Fidget spinners are made from a variety of materials including wood, plastic and metal. You can get them in many different shapes and sizes, even really cool ninja star models. They have bearings inside of them that make them spin, which help to reduce stress. The bearings can be made of different materials, which will allow it to spin faster or have quieter spins, depending on what it is made with. There are so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose. If you are unsure on whether it will work for you or for someone you know, purchase a cheaper model at your local retail store. However, the variety that you can find online offer much better quality and comfortable features.


Due to the fact this has just hit the market, but have completely taken off by reaching such a broad audience, there are many models on the market today. You can go to your local department store and find them in the toy isle, you can order specialty hand-made ones on Etsy, and you can purchase them from specialty shops online.

The cost of a fidget spinner depends on the material, the number of bearings, and the manufacturer. The ones you can find at a national retail store are about five dollars. If you order from Etsy, expect to pay between ten to twenty dollars. Specialty spinners that you can order from a number of online outlets can charge upwards to forty dollars.

Is it worth it? Absolutely.


There are two fidget spinners available online that seem to be drawing a little attention.

The Fidget Spinner from Pocket Figet is a great start. It has a ceramic bearing, and guarantees a spin time of up two minutes. It is made of strong plastic, so it will not shatter if you accidently drop it. It is small enough to carry, no matter what size hands you have and has smooth edges if you want to use it with one hand. This model will run you about six dollars online. This is a great price for a product that states that it will not fall apart when using (meaning you lose the bearings while in operation). It also has a case that it comes in- which is pretty cool, also.

This is a great option for those who are on a limited budget, or who just want to try out a fidget spinner to see if it is right for them. If you decide that it helps you focus and relieve stress, you may want to upgrade to a different model.

The EDC Tr-Spinner is another great option. With this spinner, you have a number of options when you go to check out from their online store. The three bearings are pressure fitted for security, and you can order the basic model which has four bearings. You will need to break in the bearings in the center axis, but you can order a model that does not have bearings as well.

This product is made with a 3-D printer and has double colored rings to give you a hypnotizing effect. There are a number of ways that you can operate the spinner. Your hands will naturally hold the center piece and you will find yourself using it with one hand or two, flipping it and spinning it.

There are a number of options when purchasing this product. Some of them include: the basic bearing with steel shields (which will give you poor spin times), the Amph Abec 5 which is very quiet, chrome steel (makes more noise but spins for longer), Bones Redz (quiet and spins three times longer than the basic bearing), Dark Wolf Abec 9 (makes noise but four times longer spin time), Premium Yellow Bearing (a little noise, three times the spin), Premium Black (makes some noise but nine times the basic spin time), Premium Black on Gold Bearing (makes sound but spins seven times longer) and more. Some of the bearings in the center are made from ceramic, and some made out of other materials. Ceramic bearings seem to offer the longest spin times of the products.

Depending on the EDC product you choose, you can spend between thirteen dollars and forty dollars depending on the options that you choose. The company does offer a return on products that break during the shipping process.

Again, you have a number of options from a variety of different manufacturers, and these little gadgets are found widely in retail stores. The point is, if you suffer from stress, anxiety, autism, or ADHD, this product will calm you down, keep your hands busy and keep your mind focused. Regardless of how much you decide to spend, the investment is worthy for the piece of mind that you get from having a fidget spinner.