Apple iPad Pro 2

Apple iPad Pro 2 vs. Samsung Tab S3

Oh, the competition never seems to end! We’re not complaining though. That just means we’re getting cooler gadgets all the time. The two biggest tycoons of the tech industry – Apple and Samsung – have once again challenged each other by bringing out the Apple iPad Pro 2 and the Samsung Tab S3 to the battlefield.

Tablets are pretty handy devices for multitasking. The Apple iPad and the Samsung tabs have always been the best tablets in the market. But the 2017 versions of both of these have seen some interesting upgrades that make the two products more similar than different making the decision of which one to purchase all the more harder.

However, there are some differences that make both the Apple iPad Pro 2 and the Samsung Tab S3 unique in their own ways. Need to get yourself a tablet? Check out this simple review to help you make a smart buy.

The Similarities between Apple iPad Pro 2 and Samsung Tab S3

Both products have a fingerprint sensor, almost similar sizes, the ability to connect to WiFi + LTE, and coincidentally similar release dates!

The Differences between Apple iPad Pro 2 and Samsung Tab S3

Weight & Size

The Apple iPad Pro 2 is slightly more to the heavier side with a weight of approximately 478 grams in comparison to the weight of its counterpart which measures to about 434 grams. The Apple iPad Pro 2 is also slightly larger in size than the Samsung Tab S3.

These differences are pretty minor, but the lighter the better right? I’d say Samsung wins in this category.


The Apple iPad Pro 2 is made up of a full aluminum body while the Samsung version has an aluminum-glass body that makes it look extra classy. But classiness set aside, the Apple iPad Pro 2 has all the right curves to it and the overall feel is of a slimmer, slicker device. If you buy into sophistication, go for Samsung. If you want your tablet to be more structured, go for Apple.


The display on both of these devices is more or less equal. They both have 4:3 aspect ratios and a screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 that supports high dynamic range (HDR). What makes the Samsung tab S3 stand out though is its OLED screen in contrary to the iPad’s LCD even the Pro 2 has bezels on the top and bottom. The OLED of the Samsung product offers better, clearer visuals an overall better treat for the eyes. It’s safe to say Samsung wins this one too.


The Samsung tablet trumps the Apple iPad Pro 2 once again with a Snapdragon 820 chip which is more powerful than the Apple A9 chip.


Both the Apple iPad Pro 2 and the Samsung Tab S3 have an internal memory of 32 GB but the Apple tablet also has a 128 GB version that Samsung doesn’t have. But wait just a minute! Apple doesn’t win this category entirely. The Samsung Tab S3 comes with a MicroSD slot with an additional storage of up to 256 GB. Sorry Apple but you really need to amp up your storage game in your next model!


You can attach a keyboard to both the Apple iPad Pro 2 and the Samsung Tab S3 but the iPad supports a Bluetooth keyboard only, while the Samsung one can attach directly to its Pogo keyboard without having to charge it. Sure it makes the Apple product more technologically advanced but sometimes being practical trumps being tech savvy.


Finally something Apple needs to be given credit for. We all know and love the Apple cameras and the Apple iPad Pro 2 offers the same standard. The Samsung tablet simply does not bring out the best image qualities you’d like to see even with high megapixels. Let’s admit it – when it comes to photography, it’s always been Apple and still is.


The Apple iPad Pro 2 does not come with the Apple Pencil in the box while the Samsung Tab S3 does include its signature S pencil. You need to spend an extra hundred dollars on your stylus for the Apple iPad Pro 2 which escalates the overall price of it.

The Apple Pencil individually though is much better than the S pencil. It allows more defined, precise drawings and there are more apps that can use the Apple Pencil. The only drawback is that the Apple Pencil needs to be charged while the S Pencil does not. Rumors of the new Apple Pencil 2 have been surfacing which is speculated to be a lot better than its predecessor.


Speaking of price, the Apple iPad Pro 2 has a price tag of US $330 (without the Apple Pencil). The Samsung Tab S3 is priced at US $600 which is practically double the price of its competitor.


The Samsung tablet has four speakers compared to only two in the iPad.


The Samsung Tab S3 comes in two colors: silver and black. The iPad however offers a wider collection with colors in grey, silver and rose gold. The color collection in the Apple product definitely makes it less boring than the normal black and silver.

USB Ports

The Apple iPad Pro 2 has a Lightning Port only whereas the Samsung tablet uses the conventional USB port making it more versatile and easy to use.

Battery Life

The battery life of both of these tablets is almost the same, more or less, with Samsung offering an extra one to two hours to it.

And the Winner is…

…Samsung! (For me, anyway). Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the Samsung products mainly because they are more versatile and accessible. The review shows that Samsung has the lead in most of the specs as well. There’s no denying that the iPad Pro 2 is more in the budget and that can be an important deciding factor. On top of that, the camera quality and the design/color variety are better than the Samsung tab S3.

It all comes down to what you need and how you plan to use your tablet. So think about what you want and make a choice!