CCTV Cameras: Your Answer To a More Secure Environment

Once upon time, video surveillance was used only in high risk places like banks, main streets or an important politician’s residence. But recently there has been a rise in the trend of getting CCTV cameras installed at schools, offices, and even homes of the civilians.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) people are getting more cautious of their security and are taking measures to protect themselves from the possibility of theft or an even more serious crime.

If you’re one of those people and need to upgrade the security of your workplace or home, you need to know which manufacturers make the best CCTV cameras in the market and which one you should buy according to you requirements. This article will discuss the top CCTV cameras to help make your choice easier.


  • Field of Vision

It’s important to know how much area your CCTV camera covers so you know where and how many cameras you need to get installed. A camera with a wider field of vision is, therefore, preferred

  • Resolution

We’re past the poor, pixelated quality of our footage. With so many advances in the video industry, any average CCTV camera should be able to provide high quality resolution. A resolution of 1080 p is great, but a resolution higher than that – let’s say 4k – is even better but it’s rare to find a camera that supports 4K resolution.

  • WiFi

Although WiFi is a bonus for outdoor cameras, one of the essentials of a home-security camera is its ability to connect to the WiFi. Cameras that do not support the internet are impractical for home use since you can’t have or hire someone to sit in front of your camera screens 24/7. The purpose of home CCTV cameras is to check the activity of your house when you’re not there. You could be a parent who needs to keep watch on his child or you could be like me who needs to know if their cat is eating properly when you’re away from homes.

The WiFi allows you to check on your cameras whenever, wherever you are provided you have a connection available of course.

  • Night Vision

All cameras need to have night vision, be it indoor or outdoor because let’s admit, most crimes happen when the sun sets. The quality of the night visions is what makes the CCTV cameras different from each other.

  • Cost

For a home-based security system, you’d probably prefer a low-cost camera to fulfill your requirements. For an outdoor one, it depends how much your company is willing to invest.

  • Sound

Technically when you’re getting a video footage recorded, you should be able to listen to it too. For outdoor cameras, it’s necessary to have sound so in cases of a bank robbery, mugging or any similar incidence, you‘d be able to hear what the offender was saying at that moment.

Some home-based CCTV cameras come with an inbuilt microphone. Others do not. I personally didn’t need the sound feature on my cameras so I went with the ones without the option. Before selecting your camera of choice, you have to check what tailors to your needs and if you need sound on your footage or not.


Being a cautious person myself, I’ve had CCTV cameras installed in my house too. The home-based surveillance cameras are different than the outdoor ones you normally see. They’re more compact in shape, and they’re usually not movable. If you’re planning to get cameras in your residence too, check these out:

1. Nest Cam 


  • Has a 1080 p resolution with sharp image details
  • Has a digital zoom, night vision and the sound feature (two-way)
  • Huge 130 degrees field of vision
  • The setup is easy


  • Relatively costly (US $170)
  • No pan/tilt movement
  • Night Vision isn’t the best
  • No alarm system

2. Netgear Arlo Pro


  • 110 degrees field of vision which is pretty good
  • Good night vision
  • Has all the additional features like an alarm system, digital zoom, two-way audio (Although previous versions did not have sound)
  • It is movable
  • Setup is easy
  • It is weatherproof


  • Has a 720 p resolution
  • Costly (US $ 227)

3. Vimtag 361 HD


  • Has a pan/tilt feature of 120 and 320 degrees respectively
  • Has a two-sound system, night vision, and digital zoom
  • Affordable (US $70)
  • Used as a good Pet Surveillance Camera


  • The normal field of vision is unknown

4. Zmodo Pivot


  • Has digital zoom, night vision, sound (two-way audio)
  • Is able to move and pan/tilt (360 degrees panning)
  • It has a 1080 p video footage resolution
  • Has a lot of sensors
  • Relatively affordable (US $100)


  • Panning is slow
  • It doesn’t have cloud storage like most other cameras, only local storage.

5. Icontrol Networks Piper nv


  • Has all the features: alarm, night vision, two-way audio, digital zoom, pan and tilt movements
  • A good 1080 p resolution of the footage with excellent high definition details
  • The night vision is sharp
  • The processor is fast


  • Costly (US $280)
  • There is no local storage



If you’re a company or a business that needs to have better security at their office or workplace then the home-based cameras might not entirely work for you. Here are some outdoor security cameras that you should consider:

1. Amcrest Qcam


  • Has a stellar 1536 p resolution of the video footage
  • Good Night Vision
  • Has motion detecting sensors
  • Affordable (US $66)


  • Has no WiFi connectivity
  • Does not support audio
  • Is immovable (No pan/tilt)

2. Zmodo ZM-W0007


  • Affordable (US $42)
  • Has WiFi connectivity
  • Good Night Vision (65 ft)
  • Excellent motion detection


  • No audio features
  • Has a video resolution of only 720 p
  • No digital zoom

3. ZOSI 960H


  • Cheap (US $20)
  • 120 ft Night Vision Range
  • Field of vision is good – 72 degrees
  • HD footage


  • No WiFi connectivity
  • No pan/tilt movements
  • No inbuilt audio features

4. BIPRO 9004


  • Weatherproof
  • Good Night Vision of up to 80 ft
  • Sharp, HD image


  • Costly (US $130)
  • No WiFi connectivity

5. Phyink Bullet HD


  • 1080 p resolution of the footage
  • Inbuilt microphone
  • Large local storage
  • 90 degrees field of vision
  • WiFi connectivity


  • Costly (US $170)
  • Night Vision of only 27 ft
  • No digital zoom features

So now, are you ready to get more secure with your very own CCTV cameras?