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Think Wood! The Best Wood Watches of 2017

We talked about wood in a previous post. It seems like everything wood is trending in 2017. First, there were the wooden sunglasses and now, wood watches. For decades, the best watches in the market were anything but wood. This year, however, the tides are changing and if you’re thinking of getting yourself a brand new watch, think wood!

For all watch enthusiasts out there, here’s a list of some of the best wood watches in the market right now.


The Kappa Nut Watch isn’t the only watch by WeWood that has broken the charts in recent years, but we’ll discuss the other models later. This wood watch, in particular, has Walnut wood throughout the wrist band, and since walnut wood is a little dark in color, the watch does give an overall dark look. But that’s not a bad thing! In fact, it means the watch can go with all kinds of outfits.

The watch is powered by Miyota Movement. It’s also protected by mineral glass that is scratch proof and wearable for everyday use. The watch band is a suitable size for the average male wrist but is adjustable with the WeWood removal tool.

One common problem with most watches is the risk of skin allergies, but with wood watches this risk is eliminated. Furthermore, wood watches don’t require frequent polishing.


This watch by Gassen James is known for its characteristic lightweight. Like WeWood, it runs on Miyota Movement, and has an adjustable watch band. The wood watch has a battery life estimated to be around 5 years which is excellent. The color of the wood is light and polished, giving an impressive overall finish to the design.


The Jupiter Army Watch is another top favorite by WeWood. It’s comfortable and light in weight. The watch is made from Verawood and the watch band is fully adjustable with the WeWood pin removal tool. The best part is, despite being all wood; the watch comes in a variety of colors from pale olive to forest green, brown to even black. But perhaps the best thing about the WeWood Jupiter Army Watch is the fact that it has a double dial that features two separate clocks. Like its brother, the Kappa Nut, the watch is made up of mineral glass and is scratch-proof.

A minor drawback to this wood watch is that it is a little bit bigger than the average watch size.


Nixon has made a good name in the watch industry and it’s no surprise to us that their wood watches are anything less than gold standard. Despite being pretty expensive, the watch has a unique style and design. It is powered by Japanese-Quartz movement and has rotating dials and an LED light in it. Unlike most wood watches, the Nixon Rotolog is water resistant up to a depth of 99 ft which is seriously impressive.


The Uwood Wood watch has a classy design and style. It is handmade and made up of Sandal Wood. It works on Japanese Miyota Movement. Like most wood watches, the watch band can be adjusted. The wood watch has a 3 year warranty on the battery. Like the Nixon Rotolog, the Uwood Wood watch has waterproof features too. The watch is very comfortable to wear and does not potentiate any skin allergy. Unlike most wood watches, the Uwood wood watch is made for men and women, and acts as a unisex accessory. It is priced at US $100 but currently is on sale on Amazon. However, customers have reported the glass being fragile and falling out of the frame.


Rated one of the best wood watches in the market, the Cucol wood watch does not harbor a wooden build throughout the watch band. In fact, the wood (Bamboo wood) makes the dial piece only. So if you’re looking for a watch with an overall wooden look, this one might not be for you.

But the Cucol watch does have some awesome specs. The watch comes for both men and women. It is powered by Japanese Miyota Movement. Although the watch has a leather wrist band, the leather is quite soft and comfortable. The battery is long lasting and can live up to 12-24 months. The watch is stylish and trendy and is a great accessory for an everyday use.


If you’re searching for a watch that has the pure, natural wooden feeling WeWood’s Laguna Noce is the perfect match for you. This new model by WeWood is super sexy and comes in a dark brown to black color. It runs on Japenese Miyota Quartz and has a scratch-proof mineral glass covering. It’s light too: only about 45 grams in weight. But you have to hurry when you buy it. It’s frequently out of stock!


This elegant watch by Original Grain is made up of pure maple wood. The watch band, like the Cucol Bamboo Wood Watch isn’t wood, but instead of leather it is made up of black steel. The steel is lightweight and the colors complement the dial piece. The band is also adjustable like the other watches. The drawback to a steel band is that it may invoke an allergic reaction in a sensitive skin type.

The Original Grain Maplewood Men’s Watch runs on Japanese Miyota Movement with a 1 year warranty. On top of that, the glass is scratch and water resistant.


The Treehut Wooden Bamboo Watch is a water-resistant, scratch-resistant superb quality watch. The design of the watch is environment-friendly and gives you the true woody feeling. The dial runs on Japanese Miyota Movement with a 1-year 100% money back guarantee. The watch is handmade with original, pure bamboo with brown leather straps that are comfortable to wear. This wood watch is also light in weight and durable.

The slight drawback is that the leather watch band might not suit all skin types and may cause a reaction in a more sensitive skin. Customers have also complained of the watch strap falling off which can be quite problematic.