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Wooden Sunglasses: They’re Trending!

With the world advancing so rapidly, you’d expect new fashion trends to be luxurious. Take your friendly sunglasses for example. You’d think the latest ones creating hype would be at least emerald or ruby-coated. Not really though! The year 2017 is bringing back the material that’s been used around for centuries and millenniums – Enter, wooden sunglasses.

We’re definitely going back to the basics and keeping everything simpler. But I hate to disappoint you; these hip new wooden sunglasses aren’t so cheap either. In fact, some of the biggest brand names like Ray Ban are bringing out their take on this new product.

Want to stay up to date with this latest back to the past trend? Here’s a quick overview of some of the best wooden sunglasses you can get from the market.

Shwood Canby Wood

This flagship model wooden sunglasses by Shwood is probably the pioneer of all wooden sunglasses. They’re stylish and they fit perfectly. The smell of fresh wood on the Shwood Canby glasses makes them legit. Furthermore, the shades are polarized and the company claims them to be 100% UV rays protecting. There’s a variety of colors to choose from as well. However, some customers have reported they are a little too fragile and break or crack easily. They cost quite a lot too – US $160.

Ray-Ban Men’s Clubmaster Wooden Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is a renowned brand in the sunglasses industry, producing some of the finest spectacles ever. Ray-ban recently released its own take on the wooden sunglasses trend and introduced the Clubmaster which is priced at US $290. These sunglasses are comfortable to wear and the lenses come in green and brown colors. The frame itself is sturdy and shatter-free. The lenses are polarized, making the vision clear in very bright light. Like most Ray-Ban products, the sunglasses are stylish and look very modern upon wearing. The only major drawback is the price, and some customers have reported reflection on the lens.

Proof – Boise Black Maple Sunglasses

Among other wood sunglasses made by the company Proof, their Boise Black Maple is a favorite. These sunglasses offer UVB and UVA protection, are eco-friendly, and have a price tag of US $115 which a lot lower than the prices of Shwood and Ray-ban. The Boise Black Maple Sunglasses have polarized lenses and they come with a mini wooden storage box plus a protective microfiber pouch. They are handcrafted and water-resistant. However, they aren’t very sturdy and are liable to breakage. The sunglasses might not even fit perfectly on all face sizes either.

Woodies Wayfarer Walnut Wood Sunglasses

The Wayfarer sunglasses by Woodies are made up of 100% Walnut wood. The polarized lens offers complete UVA and UVB protection. They even have a one month money-back guarantee. The wooden sunglasses come with a carrying box, microfiber pouch for the lenses and even a wooden guitar pick – how cool is that? These Woodies sunglasses are super stylish and lightweight too. The best thing is, they’re way more affordable than most wooden sunglasses in the market and are only priced at US $25. Unfortunately, like most sunglasses, they aren’t break-free and can crack on impact.

Cloudfield Bamboo Wood Sunglasses

The Cloudfield Bamboo Wood Sunglasses come in different sizes to perfectly fit the frame of your face whether you’re a man or a woman. Their unisex model is a great fit for all males and females. These sunglasses are modern and contemporary; something you’d want to be wearing if you want to be in the cool team. The lenses are polarized and provide excellent vision so they’re perfect to wear when you’re driving. The wood used is beach wood which makes the glasses light in weight. There is a 100% money-back guarantee on them too. They cost around US $70. Whilst the Cloudfield Bamboo Wood Sunglasses are a great purchase, the frames are easily breakable and the lenses tend to pop out of the frame if dropped.

Bammy Bamboo Sunglasses

These affordable, lightweight pair of wooden glasses is a great option if you’re looking for something with the real wooden feeling. The UV400 polarized lenses in the Bammy Bamboo are very effective against glare. The wood used is a 100% bamboo and the great part is, it’s completely water proof! The Bammy Bamboo wooden sunglasses fit perfectly on any face frame since they are designed with good quality steel hinges. Although these wooden sunglasses cost only US $35, customers have complained of it having a very ‘toy-like’ feeling to it.

Woodword Polarized Handmade Wood Sunglasses in Aviator Style

The Woodword Sunglasses are priced at US $70. They come in two colors – black and mirror blue. The wooden frames also come in two varieties – Ebony Wood and Zebra Wood. Woodward claims their sunglasses to be a 100% natural and eco-friendly. They fit great on every face frame since they use stainless steel springs in the hinges. On top of that, these wooden sunglasses come in a stylish design. The Woodword Polarized sunglasses are, however, fragile and can break on impact.

Eye Love Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses

The Eye Love Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses are comfortable and a snug fit. The plastic lenses are polarized and protect against both UVA and UVB rays. It’s lightweight and with the stainless steel springs in its hinges, the Eye Love Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses make it suitable for all frame sizes. The wood is ebony in material. In addition, the sunglasses come with the bonus storage case, a microfiber lens pouch, a microfiber cleaning cloth and even a screwdriver! The best thing about these glasses is that with every purchase, the company gives a free eye exam to someone who can’t afford it, particularly in Jamaica. These beautifully crafted wooden sunglasses have one little shortcoming though – they are liable to splintering.


These sunglasses are trending all over the United States, and if you want to stay in the trend while it lasts, it’s time to add one to your shopping cart too!