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Magnetic Chargers – The Future of Smart Charging

A blessing or a curse, the truth is we’re becoming more and more dependent on our electronic gadgets and devices. We started from the Nokia 6600 and large PC monitors to the sleek iPhone 7 and the iPad Pro. However, the chargers of our smartphones were never too primitive. Yet, since we tend to rely on convenience and ease, we were introduced to the smartphone magnetic chargers.

In recent months, the buzz of these magnetic USB chargers has been growing steadily. Although the specs of a magnetic charger aren’t all that different from a normal USB charger, it still has more class and to a certain extent, is easier to handle. Furthermore, they have faster data transfer capabilities and connect your phone quickly to charging without the hassle of the human reaction time involved in plugging in the conventional charger manually. These magnetic USB chargers also reduce the risk of abrading the USB ports as is a frequent occurrence with the conventional chargers.

Almost every latest smartphone comes with a compatible magnetic charger. But before you put one in your shopping cart, make sure the voltage of the device matches with your charger. The other thing you need to be looking for is the number of Amperes (A) the charger offers. The higher this rating will be, the faster your phone will charge.

Now that you know what to be looking for when finding the perfect match for your smartphone, here are some magnetic chargers that have been breaking the charts in 2017, and are definitely worth considering if you’re planning to hop on the new tech trend.

Wsken Mini 2 Magnetic Charger for Android

This magnetic charger by Wsken costs only US $ 13 on Amazon. The charger is compatible with almost every android phone, be it Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, Motorolla, HTC or Google. It has an inbuilt LED light that turn on as an indicator that the device is charging. The cable itself has a length of about 40 inches/3 ft which is an awesome length for any charger, magnetic or not. The Wsken Mini 2 is light in weight and is metal on all sides. It allows fast, efficient charging and is pretty travel-friendly. Although a small percentage of users have reported of the charger breaking easily, overall the Wsken Mini 2 Magnetic charger is a pretty great bargain for only $13.

Geepin Magnetic Lightening Charger for iPhone

The Geepin Magnetic Charger is compatible with iPhone 5 and above. It costs only US $15 and supports fast charging with a maximum 2.4A charge. Like the Wsken cable, the Geepin charger offers very fast charging and is highly efficient. There have been reports of the magnet of the charger not being strong enough, but apart from those few chance complaints, the Geepin Magnetic Lightening Port Charger for the iPhone is a wonderful purchase for your Apple smartphone.

PortPlugs Magnetic Charger for Android

This super stylish charger by PortsPlug is great to charge your phone in your car when you’re driving. It is compatible with every Android smartphone and supports very fast charging and data transfer. Like the Wsken charger for Android, it has an LED light that indicates when the phone is charging. The cable is thin and light and the magnets are strong so you don’t risk your phone from falling and breaking from the magnetic charger. The magnets used are neodymium which accounts for its powerful magnetic properties. However, the drawback to the PortPlugs charger is its availability as it remains frequently out of stock.

Netdot Magnetic Chargers for iPhone & Android

The Netdot magnetic USB charger costs US $9.99, but is more commonly sold as its two-pack form that costs $17.99. Like most magnetic chargers, the Netdot magnetic USB charger for both iPhone and Android is great to charge in the dark, and reduce the hassle of finding and manually connecting the USB cable to the USB port. Netdot magnetic chargers have extremely fast charging speeds and a decent data-transferring speed. They are efficient and are strongly magnetic, and like other magnetic chargers they are perfect for One-Hand use. The downside to this charger is that it supports iPhone 5 and above only, while the Android version of the charger supports Samsung Galaxy S2 to S6, Note 2 to 5, LG G4 G3, and Sony Xperia Z5 only. It doesn’t support the latest S7 or S8 which is a huge drawback for the latest Samsung devices users.

2.4 A Micro USB Magnetic Charging Cable for Android

If you’re searching for something a lot more affordable, this charger might just be for you. It has a price of only US $14 and has all the specs of a decent magnetic charger. However, users have complained the magnet on the charger not being strong enough and the cable liable to breakage. But because of the price and availability, the 2.4A Micro USB Magnetic Charging Cable is still a bestselling product among its kind.

Mushan Nylon Braided Quick Charging Cable for Android

The Mushan charging cable comes in three different colors and costs around US $22. However, currently it’s on sale on Amazon and costs only $13 so grab it before the sale ends! The Mushon Magnetic cable supports all Android devices and offers ultra-fast charging with 2.4A. It has an inbuilt LED light and has an excellent data transferring feature too. It has a high quality metal alloy in its body and the gold colored cable is pretty classy. To put the cherry on top, it’s probably one of the lightest magnetic USB chargers around and weighs only about 0.3 ounces.

HKW Magnetic MicroUSB Charging Cable for Android

The HKW Magnetic MicroUSB charging cable measures around 4 feet in length which is gold standard for a charger. It supports rapid charging and has 2.4A output. Data transferring is impressive and the charger works with every Android device with the USB 2.0 port. It’s also pretty light in weight (0.8 ounces/1 gram) and costs around $18 which is a little at the high end price range.