Matcha Green Tea: Benefits & Brands

2017 is definitely a go-green, healthy year for the world. It seems we’re suddenly bringing back our long lost traditions and customs in every department of our life. Because old is gold, right? This year saw the increasing popularity of the Matcha powder and its related products, and if you haven’t heard of what that is yet, don’t worry. Help is on the way!

Matcha comes from a Japanese origin and is basically crushed green tea leaves. It is probably the highest quality green tea on the Earth so there’s no surprise it’s much sought-after. The many benefits of this Japanese green tea make it an ideal health drink and definitely something to consider consuming if you’re planning to change to a healthier lifestyle.

What’s So Great about Matcha?

If you’re a green tea enthusiast like me, you probably don’t need to read this part because you’ve already done lots of research on the benefits of green tea especially when it comes to losing weight. But if you’re new to the green tea game, particularly Japanese green tea, here are a few things you should know:


Matcha green tea is rich in anti-oxidants like Vitamin E, C retinal and catechins. Anti-oxidants are natural agents that fight against the free radicals in our bodies, particularly those formed in the skin due to UV rays. The overall result is a healthier, glowing skin that is UV protected. Even more importantly, anti-oxidants are great for the heart and help to combat cardiac diseases. Matcha green tea unlike other green teas is thought to have about a hundred times more anti-oxidants, elevating it to a level much higher than other green teas.

Great for Losing Some Extra Weight

If you’re like me, the reason you started the green tea regimen in the first place was because you heard it’s great for the waist line. Green tea, does in fact, help to burn some extra calories as it increases the metabolism. It also satiates the appetite, making losing weight a lot easier. Matcha green tea has similar properties and burns fat up to four times faster than the average green tea, again raising its standard among the green tea market.

Boosts Concentration

Any green tea is proven to have a positive effect on the brain and boosts the memory and concentration after consumption. Matcha green tea has an even more potent effect on stimulating the brain and enhances concentration to a greater extent. Scientifically, consuming green tea results in the release of catecholamines such as dopamine, and the neurotransmitter, serotonin in the body. Dopamine, in particular, is essential for the memory whereas serotonin is a certified mood enhancer.

Makes You Calm

Matcha green tea contains the amino acid, L-Theanine which significantly relaxes the mind and body. Theanine does this by creating the alpha brain waves which are the most relaxing form of brain waves of the four brain waves in our body. The body however does not feel drowsy as one might expect from intense relaxation. Instead, consuming this amazing green tea actually wakes you up and lets you stay fresh and active.

Detoxifying Properties

Green tea is known for its detoxifying properties. Matcha green tea does it many times better! The green tea helps remove and detoxify potentially harmful substances such as heavy metals and toxins in the body to more harmless by products which are great for the body.

Boosts Immunity

A well-known benefit of any green tea is its miraculous effects when an allergy hits. The Matcha green tea contains many nutrients and minerals that help boost the immunity of the consumer, making him less susceptible to frequent infections and diseases.

Great Taste!

A frequent complaint with green teas is the horrible taste that accompanies it. I personally have experienced the cumbersome process of finding the green tea that suits my taste buds and after trying out a hundred different products, only one or two brands actually do it for me. With Matcha Japanese green tea, you don’t have to worry about that. The taste is superb and it doesn’t make your retch with every sip.

Best Matcha Green Tea Brands

Now that you know the benefits of this super Japanese green tea, don’t you feel compelled to buy one for yourself? But when you’re out to get one from the shopping mart or if you’re purchasing online, you’ll come across various Matcha green tea products. So how do you know which one is genuine and which isn’t? Here’s a list of some of the best Matcha Green tea brands to consider.


The Mizuba Tea makes one of the oldest, finest quality Matcha green tea from Japan. The taste is nutty and the aroma is floral. It costs US $20 per 40 grams which is quite reasonable for Matcha green teas.


A relatively newer company, Grace and Green ceremonial Matcha keeps the Japanese heritage alive and brings their products straight out of Japan. This green tea product is flavorful and costs $23.50 for 20 grams which is a bit on the high end.


As the name indicates, Pure Matcha produces and sells pure and refined  green tea products. It has an excellent, smooth buttery texture which is what it is known for. The downside to this company is that their green tea is a little pricey (US $30 for 30 grams).


Another great brand selling green tea is the Midori Matcha. It has a perfume-like fragrance, vibrant green colors and a delicious, Earthy flavor. It comes in sweetened and unsweetened forms too. The Midori Matcha green tea costs around $30 for 30 grams, again making it an expensive green tea brand.


Encha has a rich, complex flavor and the green tea leaves originate all the way from Kyoto, Japan. It costs $28 for 30 grams which is a fine bargain. The downside to Encha is that it can be shipped only within the United States and cannot be shipped internationally unlike the other brands. You can get Encha directly from their website too!


So are you ready to jump in the healthy bandwagon? If you are, then start from your natural, Japanese Matcha green tea!