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Smart Wallets that you NEED to check out now!

It’s fairly obvious that we live in a smart world, possibly the future. With our smartphones, tablets, laptops and countless other gadgets, you would assume this is as far as technology could get. But the tech industry is an enthusiastic, passionate one. Last year, it decided to bless us with another cool gadget that maybe none of us would have ever thought about – smart wallets.

These wallets have been creating a definite buzz in 2016 and the trend has not died this year too. In fact, it has only just started. While there are very few brands of these smart wallets, we have no doubts that in a few years these gadgets will be in the pocket of almost everyone who owns a conventional wallet.

Now you’re probably wondering what these wallets do, right? It’s simple, really. They work like actual wallets and store your credit card and even cash if they have a cash pocket. What sets them apart is the security they offer. Smart wallets may have a finger print sensor so that only you have access to the contents of your wallet. Furthermore, some of them have an inbuilt Bluetooth that connects with your phone and informs you via text message if your smart wallet is lost or has crossed a minimum threshold. Some brands even have the option of informing you via text message if your credit card is missing or has been removed from the wallet. Still not amazed yet? Most smart wallets don’t even need charging so you don’t have to worry about them running out of battery like you would with other smart gadgets.

If you’re searching to get a smart wallet for yourself but unsure of where to start, here are the best smart wallets in the market. Since the industry is still in infancy, there aren’t a lot of choices, but that just means you can make your decision more easily.

Smart Wallets by Walli (US $119)

There’s always a catch with gadgets – they’re expensive. And while a $120 price tag may not seem a lot for a gadget, it does seem overwhelming in comparison to the conventional, old-school wallets.

But if you can get over the price, this smart wallet by Walli is one of the best purchases you can get. It is compatible with both iPhone (iOS 7+) and Android (4.0 +), comes in a range of colors, an inbuilt GPS, has a six card slots and two cash pockets, and has a battery of up to 6 months. The smart wallet by Walli has a Bluetooth that can connect to your phone and inform you of the whereabouts of your wallet. It even works vice versa and informs you of your phone’s whereabouts through your wallet! (The Bluetooth covers a range of 10 to 100 feet). The best part is the wallet can memorize what credit cards you have stored inside it and will let you know if the card has been removed or is missing.

Ekster (US $59 – $99)

The Ekster model is as smart a wallet could get! The wallet comes in four different colors and two types – senate and parliament, each with a sophisticated, classy touch to them. The Ekster smart wallet features everything Walli does (minus the card tracking capability) and more! With a push of a button, your credit card will slip out, speeding up your paying process. The card has a GPS that connects globally and like the Walli, can inform you of the whereabouts of your wallets, and vice versa. It even has a RIFD protection that furthers the security of your wallet. It has a removable tracker card that runs on solar energy, and the wallet itself has an amazing battery life with rechargeable batteries, something that the Walli brand did not have. Perhaps the best feature Ekster has to offer is its Backup Trace feature that allows you to access your phone camera and witness where your wallet is or if it was stolen, who took it.

It even costs less than Walli! The Senate model costs $59 without the tracker card, and with it, $89. The Parliament models costs $69 without the tracker card, and with it, $99.

Cashew (US $150)

If you’re looking for a smart wallet with the right smart ‘feels’, Cashew might just be the one for you. It has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor (can store up to 30 different fingerprints) that boost its security way more than the other brands. The rest of the specs of this device are more or less the same as any other smart wallet, with a buzzer that informs you the whereabouts of your wallet or you phone, GPS, and a rechargeable battery. The drawback to this smart wallet is that it’s one of the most expensive smart wallets in the market.

Woolet (US $116 – $150)

As innovative as its names, the Woolet is a smart wallet with all the basic features. The design definitely stands out from the other wallets, since it is the sleekest one in the market. The Woolet also features wireless charging that none of the other smart wallets do. In addition, it is compatible with the Apple Watch.

The Woolet smart wallets come in different sizes and colors, each with its own individual price. It’s almost as expensive as Cashew making it a significant drawback to this wallet.

Wocket (US $180)

Like the Cashew smart wallet, Wocket has a smart device feel to it more than most. It’s a little different than the other wallets, so you might want to read this one closely. The Wocket smart wallet is more of credit card storage device and does not offer a cash pocket. It has a touch screen and you can store your credit card details on this device, and use it whenever you need the cards without having to carry them with you all the time. With a single swipe, your credit card data can be stored in your smart wallet and there’s a PIN and voice security for all the credit card details. The Wocket smart wallet is definitely the way to go if you have a huge number of credit cards.

Unfortunately, since this wallet is so technically advanced, it has a whooping price of $180.