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Aromatherapy Diffusers – Best Brands and their Features

As the name implies, aromatherapy diffusers or essential oil diffusers as most may call it are delightful little electronic devices that not only impart a pleasant smelling fragrance to your room, but also cleans the air with its essential oils composition.

A few years back before the aromatherapy diffusers were invented, traditional lamps with oils were used for this purpose. But not only were those contraptions expensive, they were a big hassle in terms of managing them. With advances in science, these USB aromatherapy diffusers gained popularity and have been one of the most searched products last year.

There are many choices to choose from when it comes to aromatherapy diffusers, but you obviously want the best for yourself. In this article, we’ll help you with that decision to make your environment fresher and cleaner.


PureSpa Natural Aroma Oil Diffuser (US $40)

Maybe you’ve seen this one lying on a table somewhere in a spa or a clinic. That’s because, the PureSpa Natural Aroma Oil Diffuser is one the finest qualities essential oil diffusers in the market. It has a capacity of 200 ml of essential oils, and that too are a 100% pure. It has a whisper-quiet feature so you barely notice its presence, and the aroma can spread to an area of 250 square feet. This device also has a range of LED lights that make the diffuser more appealing as a decoration in your room too.

Furthermore, the essential oils are also speculated to improve mood, insomnia, headaches and various other stress-related symptoms. The PureSpa oil diffuser can be operated with a touch of a button and has a 2-year long warranty.

Deneve Riverock (US $25)

The Deneve Riverock has a sleek, brilliant design. With the push of a simple button, the Deneve Riverock can run for over 5 hours and shuts off automatically when the tank is empty. The aromatherapy diffuser comes in two colors and can cover an area of 250 square feet like the PureSpa model. It is whisper-quiet and has flashy LED lights like most aromatherapy diffusers. The best part is it’s relatively affordable. A slight drawback to the Deneve Riverock is that it has a shallow tank and moving the diffuser around might result in spillage.

Zen Breeze Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Diffuser (US $35)

This essential oil diffuser has the capacity to hold 300 ml worth solution which is pretty great for a diffuser. The distance covered by the diffuser is also a lot more than most aromatherapy diffusers – 500 square feet. The Zen Breeze also works as a humidifier in addition to its aromatherapy properties so it’s perfect for drier environments. Like most diffusers, it is quiet and automatically shuts off when then tank is empty. In addition, it also has fourteen LED lights that can enhance its appeal.

ZAQ Dew LiteMist (US $50)

This aromatherapy diffuser by ZAQ has a smart design and will look great on your table. It can operate for about 4 hours and covers a good distance of 250 square feet. The device has multiple LED colors that keep changing, or you could set it on the one you want. It has an automatic shutting off feature too, and is also almost inaudible. The capacity of the device is, however, a little low – only 80 ml. Also, it’s a little on the high-end budget which might not be great if you’re looking for a cheaper aromatherapy diffuser.