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Beard Oils You Need to Tame Your Beard

Women are notorious for spending hours in front of their mirrors putting on makeup, styling their hair etc. But men aren’t that far behind now. The art of grooming isn’t gender restricted anymore, and men have their own share of things to groom for example their beard. Last year saw the increasing popularity of growing long beards among the male population throughout the world. From models to fashion gurus, everyone was rocking the classic beard. The beard was no longer limited to No Shave November, and with keeping it all the time, it obviously required some love and grooming. That’s when companies saw the potential market in beard oils.

Beard oils are overwhelmingly popular now and new products are coming out all the time. If you’ve recently jumped on the beard bandwagon too, then you need a nice beard oil to tame that facial hair. Here are some of the best beard oils in the market right now that are worth the money.

Wisdom Beard Oil (US $20)

This beard oil has an earthy aroma to it and imparts the particular masculine scent to your beard. Compared to other beard oils, the Wisdom beard oil might be a little more expensive but with its Vitamin E, Olive, Grape Seed, Apricot and Jojoba oil formula, it definitely is the number one beard product around. The bottle holds a capacity of about 1 ounce, and is helpful to smoothen your beard hair and cure beard itching.

Honest Amish Beard Oil (US $13)

The Honest Amish Beard Oil contains organic, virgin argan and a mixture of essential oils including golden jojoba and Avocado oil among many others. The oil works wonders for a rough, frizzy beard and helps to smoothen it. It even fights off dandruff and cures the beard itch. The Honest Amish Beard oil is scented and has a fragrance of fresh cloves. The bottle comes with a volume of 2 ounces which is double the amount of the Wisdom product.

Mountaineer Brand WV Timber (US $12)

The beard oil by Mountaineer Brand has a cedar/woody scent similar to the Wisdom product but the scent is much stronger and obvious. The Mountaineer Brand WV Timber, like its brethren, has all the features of a good beard oil – softens the beard, cures beard itch and has several natural oils (Castor, Grape Seed, and Almond). The bottle can hold about 2 ounces of the product and it has a reasonable price too.

Leven Rose Beard Oil (US $13)

We’ve talked about scented beard oils; now let’s take up one that doesn’t have the fragrance. It is true that industrial fragrance can be damaging to both your skin and hair if used excessively, so if you’re a health freak, you might want to try the Leven Rose Beard Oil. With a price of only $13, this beard oil is amazing if you have dandruff or a beard itch. It helps to keep the hair smooth, and with its all natural oil elements (Organic Jojoba Oil and Moroccan Argan Oil) it is the healthiest option you can get. However, the volume of the product is low since the bottle comes with a 1 ounce capacity only.


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