Miswaak – A Natural Alternative to the Plastic Toothbrush

Last month, a company advertised a new and improved form of toothbrush which they named the ‘Raw Toothbrush’. However, this latest trendy toothbrush brand has in fact been around for centuries and has been used by particularly the Muslim population. This trendy product has another, more original name –the miswaak.

Flashback to the past, the miswaak was a ‘Sunnah’ of the Prophet of the Muslims. A Sunnah is an act the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to practice in his daily life. The miswaak was used by the Prophet himself and was the substitute for the toothbrush thousands of years ago. However, the miswaak is 100% pure and natural, and has many other benefits that normal, manufactured toothbrushes lack. Let’s look into some of them, shall we?

The Anatomy of the Miswaak

First off, the miswak is a piece of stick from the bark of a tree. Yup, you heard it right – it’s wood. It comes from the tree of arak or the Salvodora Persica Tree. It’s meant to be chewed and maintains an amazing oral hygiene owing to its natural components such as fluoride and Vitamin C. Furthermore, it is speculated as a good remedy for smokers who are quitting. There’s also evidence that the miswaak visibly whitens teeth, although only with continuous daily use. And no, you don’t need to put on anything like toothpaste on it to get the results either. It’s completely natural so the best part is that miswaaks are free from any chemicals or products.

Now if you’re from the Muslim ethnicity or if you live around the Arab countries, you probably know where to get the best miswaak product from. However, they aren’t so readily available everywhere and neither are people aware of which one might be the best for them. If you’re from the United States, then you’d probably want to get your miswaaks online from Amazon or eBay. Here are some choices you can go with for your first-time use.

Miswak Club Natural Teeth Whitening Kit (US $20)

The great thing about miswaaks is that since they’re literally only wooden sticks, they’re cheap. But the Miswak Club Natural Teeth Whitening Kit is relatively pricey compared to most products. The product is vacuum-sealed and comes in a pack of two. There’s a 100% money back guarantee for 120 days, plus it has an incredible teeth whitening effect. You can forget Carbon Coco for a while; try this all-natural toothbrush instead.

Purity Brush (US $10)

These miswaaks come in pairs too and in a cute little packing. They are natural and vegan, and are claimed to have anti-bacterial, anti-nicotine craving properties. The product comes with a holder too!

Sewak Al-Falah (US $10 for a 10-pack)

True to their Arabic name, the Sewak Al-Falah miswaaks are original, legit miswaaks that even come in a traditional packing. They are super affordable too and definitely the way to go if you want the purest of the pure miswaaks.

With the increase in the awareness of the benefits of the miswaak, we hope it becomes more readily available in the US market, but for now these three choices are pretty great and definitely worth trying out.