Chargers That Are Worth Their Weight

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Back-Up Chargers That Are Worth Their Weight

There is nothing worse than needing to use your cell phone or tablet and the battery is dead. That is why having great back-up chargers, or phone banks, is so vital nowadays. Sure, in a perfect world, we would be able to have our phones fully charged for the day. But, there are a lot of reasons why this doesn’t happen. Overtime, the battery life in your device begins to wane, and you may end up having to charge your gadget more than once in a day. Or, you utilize your phone much more some days than on others, which can drain the life of it. Finally, if you are like me, you just plainly forget to charge it overnight, leaving you scrambling for power as you are leaving for work the next day. Whatever the reason may be, having a back up power bank can be really handy.

There are two phone banks on the market today that seem to be worth their weight in gold. The FLUZ Plus Portable Charger and the RAVPower Extreme are two external batteries on the market today that have received rave reviews from their consumers. When choosing which device is best for you, there are a few things that you should consider- first and foremost which is going to be compatible with your phone or tablet.


Both the FLUX and RAV chargers compatible with both IPhone and Android products, which is amazing because not many cords, apps, or chargers are compatible with both brands. The devices have USB ports that have multiple types of connectors so that you don’t have to carry a bunch of different cords when you know you are going to need more power. The great thing about both of these devices, is that they are USB-A through USB-C port compatible, which means you can connect these devices to most laptops and smart devices- unlike other brands which don’t offer this type of variation.

The FLUX Plus will charge an IPhone 5 and onward, IPads, Samsung, Windows, GoPro, PlayStation Controllers, and anything else that uses a micro-USB or lightening charger. They claim to be the true universal charger with the additional cords that you can purchase.


When you are in the market for a phone bank, cost can mean a lot. Basically, the price that you pay will ultimately decide the deliverance a product will give. The FLUX Plus phone bank will run you about $60 from the companies website, but you will find a 10% off coupon when you log on and start searching.

The RAV is about ten dollars less, but the ten dollars does not mean that it does not deliver the power that you are seeking. You can order both products from various online marketplaces.

If you are seeking a really inexpensive phone bank, you can find them at your local retail or discount dollar store. However, they will not deliver the charge times that these two products will, and also don’t have the lasting life-span after multiple uses.


The FLUX Plus takes up to four to five hours to charge in a complete cycle. The RAV takes about 4.5 hours to charge, so the products are fairly similar in this regard. The key is to ensure that you completely charge your device and run the battery down to nothing when you are in cycle. This will help to ensure that your external battery will have a longer life-span over time.


This is the key aspect when looking at different chargers. How many charges can you get out of your phone bank? The secret number that you need to look at is the mAh, which is the milliamp Hour. The mAh is the unit that measures electric power over time, and this number will tell you how long a battery life is. If you are looking for an external battery that will charge your devices a number of times on one charge, you will want a higher mAh unit. If you don’t require external charging frequently, you will want to invest in a model that has a small mAh unit measurement.

The FLUX offers 10,000 mAh and you can get 3-4 charges out of each cycle. For an average IPhone to charge to 100% it will take under an hour.

The RAV has a 20,100 mAh power source, allowing you to get to 85% in just under 35 minutes. You will get 10 IPhone charges out of one full battery, or two full charges for something like an IPad, which require more battery life.


The FLUX weighs about 7 oz. And offers features like temperature protection, short-circuit protection, input and output current protection and over-charge protection. The size of it is comparable to that of an IPhone 7. The company only offers two different models; the other runs at about 4000 mAh and is just under thirty dollars. The company also states that it has been recognized as the number one charger in 91 different countries.

The RAV is slightly larger, and weighs just about a pound. It also offers Smart Technology, which will help regulate the amount of power traveling between your device and the phone bank ensuring safety for both devices. The company states that its technology ensures that your device is receiving the correct amount of electrical charge, which other products do not specify in offering.

RAV also comes in a variety of sizes, mAh capacities and with various options. The company’s website offer six different battery sizes, starting off at 3350 mAh’s costing just under twelve dollars. This is a great option for those of you who do not utilize external phone banks often, or do not need to charge a number of devices in one day. However, for those of you who are connected 24/7, the higher price for more electronic capacity is a worthy investment.

When comparing these two products, I personally would pay the extra ten dollars for nearly double the mAh capacity. The charge times are fairly similar, however, carrying around a whole extra pound all-day is a downfall. Take your time to look at various models, but check out the RAVPower company because they seem to offer more choices for different consumers.