GVIDO Might Just be a Pianist’s Dream Come True!

If Beethoven and Mozart were alive right now, they’d be proud. With the continuous advancements in science and technology, there is something new in the market for music lovers, in particular pianists – the Gvido music sheet Reader.

Some call it the Kindle of pianists, the Gvido music reader, all the way from Japan, features a dual screen display with a stylus that can edit, add annotations and operate in various other ways. It’s a perfect substitute for the conventional paper sheet music because it’s easy to use, accessible and definitely smarter than paper. Other companies such as E-ink and Zephyr have announced products of their own of the same caliber but Gvido is the first one to release it.

If you’re a music enthusiast who keeps their musical scores on paper, you might need to step up you game and consider purchasing this new gadget by Gvido. Not sure why you should spend the extra cash on something like this? Here are some features and specs of the Gvido that might convince you.




    Aesthetically speaking, the device does an impressive job on the design with sturdy, smooth hinges and an incredibly thin design. For a first electronic device by Gvido, the music reader does a pretty decent job. It weighs only 660 grams so it’s super lightweight and travel friendly too.


    The Gvido sheet music reader can read PDF files only as of yet. It also uses infrared technology to flip scroll to the next page with only hand gestures and can be used by one or two people playing.


    The music reader, as mentioned earlier, is a dual-screen display that measures about 13.3 inches and has a display resolution of 1200 x 1600.


    The tablet has an internal memory of 8GB RAM, with an expandable storage of 32 GB microSD card.

  • PORTS:

    Speaking of the microSD, there is a slot for the card at the back of the music reader and a USB port on the side, plus a port for the power connector.


    The Gvido music reader can connect via Bluetooth to your smart devices, and also has the option to connect to WiFi.

  • APPS:

    You can sync your music reader with the Gvido sheet music store which you can access on your smartphone.


    The battery can last for up to 3-4 weeks. In addition, the device goes into sleep mode when it is closed to further save the battery life. Charging it is pretty basic too so the battery life is no problem.


    The basic accessory the sheet reader comes with is the stylus. Other accessories include the foot pedal which can be connected wired or wireless via Bluetooth.


    The reader offers the option of switching into Airplane Mode. It also hosts an inbuilt library of top composers, and has options such as viewing your recently used scores.

  • PRICE:

    Brace yourself because it’s pretty expensive. The music sheet reader costs a good US $1600, so it’s definitely for the more passionate, sophisticated pianists and not just hobbyists.