Pet Supply Box- Which is the Best Option?

pet supply box

If you are looking for an innovative idea to spoil your pup, ordering a monthly pet supply box is the new trend that you can jump on. This is how it works- you subscribe to a company, and they will send you a box full of treats for your canine each month for a fee. If you are running out of creative ideas, are looking for a great way to have a monthly gift on hand for friends who love their dogs, or if you are running short on time but want to show your pooch how much you care, these two companies are a great option to choose from.

Bark Box is one of the most well-known companies for their monthly pet supply boxes. Each month, you get at least two new toys, two bags of all-natural dog treats, all which go along with the theme for the month. The items are either made in the United States or Canada, not overseas. The toys include squeakers, bones, chewy rubber toys, and more. And, if your dog doesn’t love it…they will replace it with another item! This company truly cares about your dog…nearly as much as you do!

Pets and Pet Size

Bark Box only offers gifts for dogs, which is awesome for dog lovers but not so awesome for those who have kitty cats. When you start the process, you have the choice between three different pet sizes- small which is 0-20 pounds, just right which is 20-50 pounds, and big & bold which is over 50 pounds.

Pet Gift Box offers three dog sizes and a cat size. This is awesome for people who love their feline fur-babies. The dog sizes are the exact same weight classes as the Bark Box.


As you continue through the process for Bark Box, the next step after you choose your dog’s size is choosing which box you want to order. The company offers free shipping within 48 states.

Pet Gift Box also offers free shipping, which they state on their landing page. Theother great thing is that it gives you the option to customize the gift box, by including your pet’s gender, name, and birthday.


Bark Box offers three different pricing options. The first is $21 per month, the second is $25 per month for a six month order, and the third is $29 per month for one box only. You can spend an extra $9 a month for a premium toy for your dog.

Pet Gift Box also offers three different opons. The first is $20 per month (if you pay a whole year upfront), the second is $25 per month (if you pay per month), and the third is $30 per month for a one-time order. Pet Gift Box also has a reward point system, which some individuals enjoy because you can purchase free items down the road.


One thing about Bark Box is that they give you an option for a super chewer and a heavy chewer. They will send you the items that match your dog’s destructibility. Come on, we all know that when you purchase a new dog chew toy, there is a chance they will tear it up instantly- which is both messy and a safety issue. However, Bark Box offers two different levels of chew toys, so that you can ensure you are getting the right type that is compatible with your pup.

Bark Box also provides a number of links for shelters and adoption as well. This site is completely devoted to the love of a dog owner. Both sites use great puns, but Bark Box really does focus on the pet’s wants, not the owners.

Pet Gift Box does not specify if they offer the same selection. However, one thing on their site that is appealing is the ability to save money by purchasing a discounted box that is slightly out of season. You can save up to fifteen bucks a box by buying a holiday box in springtime. This is a really great option if you are looking to save a few dollars.


Both companies have an online pet store that you can purchase from. Both stores are comparable with what they have to offer. However, Pet Gift Box allows you to see samples of the themed boxes that they have to offer. Some of the really cool ones are the Poker Box, the Holiday Box, and the Back to School Box. By looking at the box, it seems as though you get quite a few items each month, which is awesome when you are spending $30.

Bark Box doesn’t really show  you examples of their boxes, but on their social media advertisements, they have awesome pictures of pets and the boxes the company offers. Their online store has really cool toys and a number of snacks available, but you cannot customize you box and are left with the luck of the draw.


There are a few reasons why purchasing a pet gift box is a good idea. Dogs will chew through toys (mine sometimes tears through a toy in just a matter of a day) and they get dirty and disgusting if they are brought outside. Each month, you are guaranteed new toys for your pooch, and they arrive at your door eliminating one more errand.

The same goes for dog snacks. It is easy to forget that your pooch is almost out of snacks, so by purchasing a pet supply box with a subscription, you will never run out of snacks again.

Both of these companies offer a gift option, which allows you to purchase one time only subscriptions for a fellow dog lover. These are great ideas if you are looking for a way to spoil a co-worker, family or friend who is looking to purchase a new puppy. Again, if you are looking for the same option for a cat lover, Pet Gift Box is the only way to go on this one.

Both of these companies are great, and have an incredible marketing angle for dog owners. Pet Gift Box offers a few more options, but unless I purchased a box from each, it is difficult to do a real side by side comparison of which would be better. Plus, it would be interesting to see how different a box would be based on the size of the dog. The costs do not vary based on the size of your pet, so you may end up getting way too much for a small dog or way to little for a large dog. The idea is great, but without seeing an actual box in all different sizes, it is hard to determine which one is the best between the two.