snail beauty products

Snail Beauty Products – The secret to flawless skin

Koreans are known to have doll-like, beautiful faces and flawless skins and for years we’ve been wondering what their secrets were. Was it the genes playing their hand? Probably. But that’s not the only thing that grooms the skin the way it does on our Korean brethren. And no, we’re not referring to plastic surgery here. We’re talking about snail beauty products.

Yup, you heard it right! These mucus-secreting tiny critters have been employed for beauty treatments across Korea and now they’re making their way into the United States as well. They sound pretty disgusting but they’re actually a lot more decent than other objectionable face masks women have used (hint: vampire facials that use blood). For the past year, Korean beauty products like the face masks have been trending crazily in not only the US, but across the globe.

If you’re interested in another successful Korean beauty technique, read on about these snail beauty products.


Organic Doctor Snail Gel (US $ 25)

The Organic Doctor Snail Gel incorporates snail extraction filtrates with Aloe Vera and, Lemon Oil, Orange Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Apple Fruit and Carob Seed extracts to form a formula that works impressively as a moisturizing, anti-aging cream. It has other essential components such as Vitamin C and Elastic making this gel very healthy for your skin too.

SKINFOOD Hydro Filling Snail Mask Sheet (US $13)

Nothing screams ickier than putting on snail mucus for over 30 minutes on your face, but we assure you the end result is worth it. The Skinfood Hydro Filling Snail Mask sheet is an excellent Korean face mask and Snail beauty product that will be within anyone’s budget. The mask encourages epithelial cell regeneration, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin as well has anti-aging properties. The mask is made to fit the contours of your face and the box includes a set of 5 mask sheets.

MIZON Snail Repair Perfect Cream (US $38. On Sale at the Time of Writing – US $18)

A little high-end for a budget snail beauty product, the Mizon cream uses snail enzymes that can applied to your face and neck, and is widely popular among the Korean market. The cream improves cell regeneration and also has anti-aging properties that reduce wrinkles and marks. Additional components include vitamins and adenosine. The cream is a fragrance-free product.



MISSHA Cell Renew Snail Cream (US $45)

This cream contains 70% snail mucin extract that hydrates the skin and promotes epithelial cell regeneration. The cream works well in repairing damaged skin and leaves a smooth, dewy feeling after application. It is faintly scented with cucumbers that makes it appealing too.

TONY MOLY Intense Care Gold 24K Snail Cream (US $53)

The cream alone costs only $22, but is frequently bought alongside the Snail Foam Cleanser and Hydro Gel Face Mask that amp up its price. The cream contains snail slime extracts and markedly hydrates the skin and provides anti-aging benefits.

PETER THOMAS ROTH Un-Wrinkle Fast Acting Serum (US $120)

The price might seem a bit too overwhelming for a serum but this certified snail beauty product harnesses snail venom (yes, poison but poison that’s good for you!), neuropeptides and diamond dust. The serum is a perfect remedy to remove wrinkles when you’re in a hurry, owing to its fast action.