trackR vs tile mate

TrackR vs. Tile: Which Tracking Device Should You Buy?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably lost your keys or wallet or another equally valuable item some time in your life. You might have even lost your car if you were extra careless. The distress that follows after a valuable item suddenly disappears is natural and I can definitely relate to the feeling. Luckily, in our modern time and age, science has finally provided us with an easy, inexpensive solution to keep our prized items secure. Meet the Bluetooth tracking devices that can connect and sync to your smartphone device and can practically locate anything you need to keep tabs on. In this article, we’ll look at two of the best Bluetooth lost and found tracking devices: TrackR Bravo and the Tile Mate

In the recent years, the need to bring this invention became crucial. Multiple companies saw the potential profit in it and now we have some of the best tracking devices available in the market. They’re all connected via Bluetooth and are more commonly called as the ‘Key Finders’. But that’s a misnomer, for these tracking devices can help you track anything, not just your keys. Sure, they might be designed like tiny metal key chains, but they don’t have to be attached to your keys.

Apart from the TrackR Bravo and the Tile Mate, there have been other companies that have produced their own version of the lost and found tracking device. Some names include Chipolo Plus, Duet by Protag and Pally Smart Finder. However, TrackR and Tile Mate are definitely way ahead of their game and require our prime focus.

Are you always losing your valuable stuff too? These devices offer a perfect solution for you! If you’re confused about which one to buy, Tile Mate or TrackR Bravo, you’re at the right place because we’re going to break down the individual specifications of both of these Bluetooth lost and found devices and decide a winner for you, so keep reading on!



Starting off with the design and the actual body of the two key finders, the TrackR is made up of brushed aluminum with plastic, while the Tile Mate is all plastic. The added aluminum definitely gives the TrackR a more sophisticated appeal to it. Also, the TrackR is lighter in weight than the Tile Mate, weighing about 0.12 ounces compared to Tile’s 0.3 ounces. The TrackR also comes with a range of colors: Black, Sky blue, Steel and Rose Gold, whereas the Tile Mate is limited to only one color – white.

Winner: TrackR


It’s important for our Bluetooth device to be compatible with our current smartphones. The Tile Mate can sync with iOS 8.1 and up, Android v.4.4 or higher. Whereas, the TrackR can sync with iOS 8.0 and Android v.4.4 or higher. There is only a slight difference in compatibility with the Apple devices.

Winner: TrackR


If you’re going to locate your lost object with your key finder, you need it to be as loud as possible so you can easily find out where it is near your vicinity. The TrackR claims to have a sound volume of 85db, whereas the Tile Mate has up to 90db. However, when both the devices were actually used, the actual difference was much more than just five decibels. The Tile Mate was much louder and easy identifiable than its rival. The sound time for the Tile Mate is also indefinite until it is manually stopped, whereas the sound time for TrackR can be adjusted from 1 to 10 seconds.

Winner: Tile Mate


When you lose your prized possession, there’s a good chance that your item might not be in your immediate vicinity. It could be stolen or you might have left it somewhere before you came back home and realized it was gone. Both the trackers advertise to have a range of 100 ft, however on test, the TrackR couldn’t even pick up a signal beyond 40 ft and that is a major letdown.

Another problem Bluetooth lost and found devices face is that since they don’t operate on GPS, they need a system that can connect your tracking device to your smartphone when it goes beyond the range of 100 ft. For this, both the products have a crowd community system. Users using the device are all connected and can help you locate your lost object even if you’re out of range but someone else isn’t.

Winner: Tile Mate


The TrackR comes with a replaceable CR1620 79mAh battery that lasts for a few months. The Tile Mate has a 240mAh battery that lasts for a year.

Winner: Tile Mate


Tile Mate is certified IP5 which means it can take a direct splash but can’t be submerged in water. TrackR on the other hand is water-resistant, but not water-proof. Additional water-resistant accessories can be added to the TrackR to improve its water-resistance.

Winner: Tile Mate


Both the products have a single button that can be used to find your synced device or smartphone if it’s lost. However, for that to work you need the tracker application to be running in the background and have your smartphone Bluetooth on.

Winner: Both


Both devices have apps available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. They both have a setup instruction manual and they work pretty smoothly.

Winner: Both


The Tile Mate can be replaced with a newer model if it comes out; however its competitor, the TrackR Bravo does not offer such an option.

Winner: Tile Mate


For a device like this, you’d expect it to hit you hard in the wallet, but it really doesn’t. The TrackR costs US $22, while the Tile Mate costs US $25. Both items can be purchased on Amazon.

Winner: TrackR


Tile Mate! Sure, the TrackR looks classier, is lighter in weight and costs a few dollars less but if we’re talking about performance, Tile Mate definitely takes first place with its long distant range, audible sound volume and water-resistance. I definitely recommend buying the Tile Mate; it’ll be worth the money.