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Cushion Compact – Healthy, Light and Matte

Asian beauty products have definitely been a blessing to us for a while now. 2016, in particular saw the hype and popularity of Asian beauty products rise to extremes. Korean masks and snail products had been in the news for a while and they still are widely trending. There’s something else the Koreans have that has immensely benefited us – the cushion compact.

Let’s talk about what these cushion compact are first. We all know how foundation powder works. It provides coverage and hides all your acne and blemishes. Plus, it helps to even out the skin tone and give your makeup a smooth, doll like look. Cushion compact basically does the same thing, only more. These cushion foundations help not only in providing excellent coverage and quality tone correction, they have added benefits. Most of these cosmetic products contain anti-aging properties, an added SPF value (yes, like your friendly sunscreen), and most importantly hydration.

While most foundations provide a thick, liquid-like layer on your face and can get a bit annoying after wearing it for too long, cushion compacts are much lighter in comparison. They give the skin a fresher, hydrated and a dewy look, so you don’t have to worry about looking ‘extra’ when you have it on because it keeps your makeup pretty natural. Furthermore, these cushion compacts are travel friendly and can be applied on your skin whenever, wherever. Forget using brushes or beauty blenders to blend your liquid foundation; use the powdered cushion compact foundations instead!

Here in this article we’ll list and briefly discuss some of the best cushion compacts in the market right now so you can feel “hash-tag blessed” too.


The Clinique Super City Block BB Cushion Compact has an SPF value of 50, which is pretty decent. The product comes in three shades – fair, medium and deep. The Clinique cushion compact provides light-weight coverage and an overall matte finish to your makeup. It also has anti-oxidants that can work wonders for your skin. However, the slight drawback to the product is its limited amount of shades, and customers have complained of the Fair shade not being fair enough for whiter skin tones.


Unlike the Clinique BB Cushion compact, this cushion foundation offered by The Body Shop has five shades – Fuji Peony, Comoros Vanilla, Malawi Beach, Wanaka Honey, and Almyros Almond. The colors are great for any kind of skin tone. The Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation provides a matte-finish to your makeup too, and it also lasts for a full 24 hours. The product is suitable for any skin type and does not elicit a hypersensitivity reaction. It might not have an added SPF, but it does have anti-bacterial properties.


With an SPF number of 50 and a composition of silica beads, the Missha M Magic Cushion compact is perfect for oilier, easily-tanned skin types. This cushion compact foundation by Missha has a light formula that principally contains Bamboo water and Boabab Tree Fruit extract and doesn’t act as anchor to your skin and let’s your skin breathe. The Products absorbs excess sweat and sebum, resulting in a matte finish. The Missha M Magic Cushion also keeps your skin hydrated giving your skin a dewy look. The product comes in four colors – Light Beige, Natural Beige, Honey Beige and Golden Beige.


This cushion compact by Lancome is a little high budget but that is what we expect of a brand like Lancome. The quality of the product is, however, unparalleled. The cushion compact comes in an amazing range of 11 shades and they work perfectly for all races and skin types. The product provides a light but excellent coverage, allowing your skin to breathe through the makeup. The overall result of this product is a glow-y, dewy look. It also has anti-oxidant properties that are great to keep your skin healthy.


Yes, we realize the price is a bit overwhelming but if you can look past that, the Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion foundation has a good reason to be one of the best cushion compacts out there. The product comes in a sophisticated yet trendy form and is purchasable from Sephora. The formula is super long-lasting and the mineral pigments are deeply pigmented. The Givenchy cushion compact provides light, blurry coverage with multiple added skin benefits including anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties. The product, however, is limited to three shades only and you might not find the color you want for your skin tone. And while some costumers have sworn by the incredible quality of the foundation, others have complained of very little amount of product in one box.


Keeping true to its brand name, Dior provides both quality and a direct hit to your wallet. A dollar 100 foundation might just be a little overboard but because the product formulation itself is so great, we needed to include this one in our article. The DiorSkin Forever Perfect Cushion compact comes in 6 shades – Ivory, Cream, Porcelain, Light Beige, Medium Beige, and Honey Beige. The cushion compact has a luminous, matte finish that can last up to 16 hours. The product comes with its applicator like most cushion compacts but what makes the DiorSkin Forever stand out is its Air Cushion and Color-Lock technology that keeps your skin breathing and retains the pigments. The product can also be refilled at a cheaper price than buying the entire cushion compact again.

What make cushion compact foundation great are its added skin benefits that most other makeup products lack. The matte finish and the property to not choke your skin are also major plus points you need to look for when you’re out buying this makeup product for yourself. Also, the range of colors matters too and you need to countercheck if your skin tone matches with what the product is offering. Last but not least, it’s always good to select a product that matches your budget!