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Amazon Echo Show vs. Amazon Echo

Just yesterday, the new Amazon smart home device, Amazon Echo Show, was introduced to the world. The shipping of this new Alexa-based wireless speaker will begin in late June but we already know all the cardinal features it will have. The Amazon Echo Show which was previously code-named by online sources as Amazon Echo ‘Knight’ is the next version of Amazon Echo which had been blasting the headlines last year. We now have evidence to prove that this new model of the smart home device is strikingly different from the previous Amazon Echo, from its body, processor, features and of course its price.

Need some insight on how the two wireless speakers differ? Read on to see the individual specifications and features of both of these Amazon devices.


When the first images of the Amazon Echo Show were leaked, we were surprised to see Amazon completely ditching all its curves that were perhaps the classiest feature of their flagship smart home device, the Amazon Echo. This new take on the design offers the Amazon Show a smarter, business-like look with a wider, rectangular base and body. Getting into the mathematics, the Amazon Show will measure about 187 x 187 x 90 mm which means the new device will be much bigger than its predecessor. The device will also, obviously, take up more space on your shelf or desk and will definitely require some repositioning. The weight of the Amazon Echo Show is also speculated to be around 1.17 kg and that means it will be heavier than the previous Echo device.

Amazon Echo, on the other hand is definitely taller than the new model, measuring about 235 mm but it is also a lot slimmer with a thickness of only 83 mm. The Echo speaker weighs about 1.045 kg and is significantly lighter than the Amazon Echo Show. The architecture of the Amazon Echo makes it a lot more inconspicuous and less overwhelming than the Echo Show.

All in all, although the design of the Amazon Echo Show might be impressive to some, the body dimensions might not be as comfortable as its previous model.


With the Amazon Echo, there is no display. It’s as simple as that. Echo lacks any form of video footage or a screen whereas the Amazon Echo Show has an LCD display where you can watch videos from Youtube. Additionally, the new device features a 5 megapixel camera that will allow you to make video calls too. The video calls will only be made to another Echo Show owner and not to any device. Even so, this new specification of the Echo Show is definitely a giant level ahead of the Echo and is what made our heads turn in the first place.


Both the Amazon wireless speakers feature multiple speakers and microphones. The Amazon Echo has one less microphone than the 8 microphone array of the Amazon Echo Show. Further specifications tell us that the Amazon Echo show will have 2 inches Dual Stereo Speakers, as compared to the Echo with its 2.5 inch woofer and 2 inch tweeter speaker.


Unlike most digital assistants, Amazon’s Alexa has been popular among the crowds for a while. The Alexa digital assistant was featured in Amazon Echo and fortunately, the manufacturers have kept Alexa in the Echo Show too. The Alexa digital assistant might be smarter than ever before though with quick actions to commands like ‘Call Mom’, or even hiring a taxi or ordering from a popular pizza place. The digital assistant will be always on and listening in Echo Show. Contrary to this, Alexa is not always on in the previous Echo model and has to be accessed via touch or by enabling the hands free mode through the settings.


The Amazon Echo Show will support Dual Band WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 and 2.5 GHz). There is no mention of this latest smart home device having Bluetooth connectivity options. Amazon Echo, on the other hand supports dual antenna, dual band WiFi (MIMO) and Bluetooth as well.


Owing to the added features and the more intelligent specifications of the new Amazon Echo Show, we obviously expect the price to be higher than its predecessor model. The display feature with the camera and video calling capabilities are probably what make the price tag on the Amazon Echo Show rise to higher values. Although the Echo Show is not available in the market currently and it will officially start shipping in June this summer, the smart home device is up for pre-ordering on Amazon US. It can be pre-ordered at US $ 230 with the shipping date stated as June 28th, 2017.

The Amazon Echo lacks the LCD display features and has limited software capabilities. Even the digital assistant, Alexa isn’t as smart as she is in the new Echo Show. This flagship wireless speaker by Amazon is also lighter and thinner, all of which bring down the cost on this device. It is readily available from Amazon across the regions and is priced in Amazon US at $150. Amazon Echo was previously sold at $180 but since the development of newer models, the price has dropped.

AMAZON ECHO SHOW vs. AMAZON ECHO: What would you choose?

The decision honestly depends on your individual needs and requirements and of course your budget. There is no denying that Amazon Echo Show is definitely more technologically advanced and has many more bonus features as compared to the Amazon Echo, but if you’re not interested in the added fancy benefits, Echo might just be enough for you. If all you need from your smart home device is a perfect wireless speaker experience, then Amazon Echo will check all the boxes. In fact, because of its smaller size and easier portability, it might even be better as a simple speaker device than the Amazon Echo Show. It will also be a lot cheaper than the latest model.

However, if budget is not an issue for you and you need a video-calling platform on the shelves of your home or your kitchen counter, then it’s definitely the Amazon Echo Show that you should be considering.