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Netflix vs. Amazon Prime vs. Hulu Plus: Who Wins?

We’ve all heard about Netflix, the largest online platform for streaming our favorite shows and movies. We’ve seen the ‘Netflix and Chill´ memes, we’ve heard about the original Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, and how it broke the internet last month with its theme about suicide and bullying. Sure, Netflix is great; probably the leading streaming service in the market right now. But it’s not the only one.

Apart from Netflix, we do have other video streaming networks that have made more or less a decent name in the entertainment industry. Let’s compare two of these – Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus – with the pioneer and prototype of online TV Shows streaming company, Netflix. You might be surprised that there are other platforms that may come to the same caliber or even surpass Netflix, and you might even consider switching your TV-Show supplier.

Read on for a complete and comprehensive comparison between Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus to choose the best streaming service to get for yourself.


We’ll start off with how much each streaming platform costs because obviously we need to know how much we’re going to pay to get our entertainment. While Hulu Plus and Netflix both offer monthly subscriptions, Amazon Prime works on a yearly subscription. But for the sake of comparison, we’ll break down each of them according to how much they cost per month.

Netflix will cost you US $7.99 per month; Hulu Plus will cost you US $7.99 per month too, while Amazon Prime will cost you US $8.25 per month. Now it is clear both Netflix and Hulu Plus are the cheapest, but there are a few catches to this. First off, Hulu Plus will cost you US $5.99 per month for your first, and after the year is over the price will rise to a $7.99 and stay constant at that. So that’s a minor two dollar difference, but it does count as an advantage that other streaming networks lack. As for Amazon, although the cost is higher than the other two, if you have a Prime membership, it might not cost you that much. However, to get a membership first just to reduce the price for your streaming service seems a bit of a messy deal.

TV Show Selection

There is little doubt when we say that Netflix has by far the best TV show selection any other platform could offer. And we’re not talking about TV shows only, count anime, cartoons and other dramas as well. Amazon Prime is catching up more or less but the range is still not even close to what Netflix offers. Need to take a walk down the memory lane and catch up with FRIENDS? You got it! Or do you need to watch an ongoing series like Modern Family? No problem, because Netflix has it all.

On the other hand, Hulu Plus does offer a decent selection of TV shows but again, it seriously does not compare to Net flix. One plus point of Hulu is that they update their TV shows much more regularly than the other two, so chances are you’ll get to watch a newly released episode quicker in Hulu Plus than on Prime or Netflix.

Movie Selection

Netflix. Definitely, Netflix. While Amazon Prime does offer a few popular movies in its service, Hulu doesn’t have a movie range at all and that puts Hulu at a huge disadvantage if you’re a move person. If you want to use your streaming service just for TV shows, Hulu will do the job for you but if you want to watch an occasional movie, you’d probably want to turn to Netflix.

Original Content

Who hasn’t heard about House Of Cards, 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black? All these TV shows are original content by Net flix and they are definitely quality TV-shows that have won Emmy Awards and nominations. Amazon Prime does have a few original TV shows to its credit such as Mozart in the Jungle but it needs to step up its game if it ever wants to come close to Netflix in this category. Hulu Plus has very limited original content including titles such as Up To Speed and DeadBeat but none of these have acclaimed the popularity that Netflix original TV series have.

Video Quality & Resolution

This is definitely a deal breaker for some. Since 4K and Ultra HD are becoming increasingly popular in 2017, you don’t want to watch shows on 1080p HD resolution anymore. Ne tflix offers 4K resolution (although at a higher price) already whereas Amazon Prime has announced to have it in December 2017. As yet, Hulu has not reported support for 4k/Ultra HD but we do expect it to soon if it wants to thrive in the entertainment market.


This is another shortcoming to the Hulu Plus service. While Ne tflix and Amazon Prime have no ads running in between their watch time, Hulu Plus does have them. They are fewer than your cable service, of course but they do exist. So if advertising in the middle of your favorite show is a pet peeve for you, you might not want to opt for Hulu Plus.


Net flix and Amazon Prime both offer a one month long free trial, whereas Hulu Plus only offers a week long free trial.

Compatible Devices

Netflix works on a huge number on devices including Smart TVs, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Chromecast, Roku, iOS, Android, Windows and more. Amazon Prime supports a decent range but not as great as Netflix does. You can use Amazon Prime on your Smart TVs, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android devices. Hulu Plus doesn’t run on many platforms and that again, is a major drawback to this service.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime vs. Hulu Plus: Who Wins?

*Drum rolls* … Netflix, of course! The king of streaming services takes this one yet again. We have high hopes for Amazon Prime to give Netflix a strong competition in the future but as of now, Netflix stands unparalleled. Hulu Plus needs to seriously work on its features if it ever hopes to reach the same caliber of Netflix or even Amazon Prime. So, we definitely do not see the ‘Netflix and Chill’ meme being replaced with ‘Prime/Hulu and Chill’ anytime soon.