Self-Tanners: The Best Products of 2017

We all love our skin and we’re happy with what we were blessed with, as we should be. But there’s just something about a tanned, bronzed skin that just captivates us. Tanning is widely popular in the more Western areas and is taken as a sign of beauty and a means to accentuate your features. For a long time, fake tans were obtained by spending hours in the sun, called as sun-tanning. But the busier and faster our lives became, the more we needed faster acting beauty products. Then, came tanning spas and sunless beds that used ultraviolet rays to produce fake tans. Recently the trend of LED tanning is becoming popular too, but this article will not focus on commercial fake tanning processes. Instead, we’re going to talk about something a lot more accessible – self-tanners.

Self-tanning is one of the most widely used ways of acquiring that smooth, bronze skin. Now you can get your tan in the comfort of your home without spending extra bucks on a spa or tanning equipment. Sure, the self-tanners might not give the best results and you might want to head back to your tanning houses if you need a more professional treatment, but self-tanners definitely are the way to go if you’re in a rush or low on budget. Just get your latex gloves on and get your fake tan done yourself!

Here are some of the best self-tanners of 2017 that can help you get the kind of fake-tan that you desire. All products are easily available on Amazon.

Fake-Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid (Starting from US $14)

The Fake Bake self-tanner comes in a pretty, mauve packaging and the price starts as low as $11 on Amazon. However, we recommend that you purchase the entire Professional Mitt with the self-tanner for your first buy because you need the Mitt to apply your tan. The price with the professional Mitt is US $26. Fake Bake Flawless Self-tan liquid does not clog pores and dries up quickly, with little residue remaining. The color of the tan is deeply pigmented and it comes almost instantaneously. The self-tanner does not elicit any reaction on sensitive skin and can be used safely on the face as well. The overall look of the Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tan Liquid is pretty natural and not that fake as the product name implies. The tan also lasts for a decent amount of time depending on much product you’ve used. On average, it can last about 3 months. However, because the color of the tan is so rich, you have to be careful when you’re applying it because it can stain other items like clothes too.

St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion (US $22)

The best thing about the St. Tropez self-tanning lotion is that you can use it in the shower. It doesn’t get more lazier than this! You can literally get your self-tan in about 3 minutes of putting the product on and rinsing it. The quality of the tan is also not compromised and the finished look is a natural-looking bronze skin tone. This self-tanner is perfect for pale skin tones and more older skin. However, you might want to do a sensitivity check with it on a small portion of your skin for 24 hours before you apply it all over your body. The St. Tropez smells great too and doesn’t clog pore or produce streaks. If you enjoy convenience and need quick results, St, Tropez Self-Tan Shower formula might be your best pick.

All Over Bronzing Gel By Bobbi Brown (US $34)

Despite being a high-end self-tanner, (but did we expect any less from Bobbi Brown?) the All Over Bronzing Gel has additional components that other products of this type lack. This self-tanner has an added SPF value of 15, so not only is it letting you get what you want from the sun, it’s also helping you stay protected from what you don’t want from the sun. The Bobbi Brown bronzing gel is compact and travel friendly, and it has a certified quick action. However, customers have complained of the product being a little too heavily pigmented.

Rodan and Field Essentials Foaming Sunless Tan (US $51)

Don’t be alarmed by the price just yet! The Rodan & Field Essentials Foaming Sunless Tan has a good value on it. Rated as one of the best self-tanners, this product has a deep, rich pigmentation and works well on all skin types. It’s light and does not produce streaking, and it also dries up quickly giving fast results. However, many customers have complained of the Rodans and Field giving an orange tan and might be something to consider when you’re thinking of buying this product.

Dior Bronze Auto-Bronzant Self-Tanners (US $42)

This self-tanner might be another expensive product but it does its job pretty damn well. The Dior Auto Bronzant Self Tanner has excellent pigmentation and a strong smell of perfume. The gel produces quality results in under an hour and gives a silky, bronze finish to your skin. It’s long lasting too depending upon how much product you use. The best part about this self-tanner by Dior is that it doesn’t overdo the tanning and keeps the color natural. So, this product might not sit well with those people who are looking for darker pigmentation.

Marula Dry Oil Self-Tan (US $54)

Wondering why the price tag on this product is so overwhelming? It’s probably because the Marula Dry Oil Self-Tan has an added SPF value of 50 which is seriously impressive for a self-tanning product. This self-tanner gives an almost perfect, natural sunless fake tan. The formula has added benefits such as anti-aging components and dry oils that work wonders for your skin. The Marula Dry Oil Self-Tan is fragrance free which might be viewed as a pro and not a con because it is common knowledge fragrance isn’t that great for your skin. The tan also lasts for a long time and the product, too, comes in a good amount so it won’t run our quickly either. If you can afford spending 50 dollars on your self-tanner, then the Marula Dry Oil self-tanner is definitely worth the money!