Windows 10s

Windows 10S – Is this new version a Hit or a Miss?

Microsoft is definitely surprising us this year. In a previous post, we talked about the new Microsoft Surface Laptop that was breaking the internet at the time and is set to hit the global market in early June. Now, let’s talk in detail about the software that will run on the Surface Laptop – Windows 10S

Rest assured the Surface Laptop isn’t the only laptop that will support the new Windows. There are other, latest laptops that will come with Windows 10S but for now, let’s focus on the specs and features of the new version of Windows itself, and of course how it compares to its previous version, the regular Windows 10 or Windows 10 Home.

Whenever Microsoft introduces a new Windows, we are all initially excited about it only to find out the new version is a complete flop. That happened with Windows Vista, and while some might disagree, I strongly believe the regular Windows 10 wasn’t all that great either. With the constant mouse lagging issues and the display freezing, the regular Windows 10 had its own share of problems. For now, we’ll keep our expectations high and hope for the best from the Windows 10S. After all, we’re not going to have access to it until it arrives in the market with the Surface Laptop in June.

What’s the ‘S’ in Windows 10S?

For some time, that remained a mystery. Forbes stated it might refer to ‘speed’ since the new Windows 10S is claimed to be supersonic fast, but now we know what it actually stands for, and it’s not just one adjective. The ‘S’, according to Microsoft, stands for Secure, Streamlined for simplicity and Superior Performance.

How does Windows 10S compare to regular Windows 10?

There are a lot of things to consider when making the comparison. Windows 10S might be the fancy new form of Windows 10, but it definitely has some unique features that make it unlike any Windows ever created, let alone Windows 10. In fact, you’ll soon see that the new Windows is more like the iOS by Apple. The competition between the two electronics giants is way too obvious with Microsoft releasing an iOS-like Windows.


Okay, so this is where Microsoft has definitely made a difference. Usually laptops running Windows hardly survive 8-10 hours of battery life. Windows 10S is different though. Microsoft claims that the Surface Laptop will be able to last 14.5 hours of battery life which is seriously impressive for a device that has an Full HD display. We don’t really know if the Windows 10S will actually deliver the battery life it promises. We’ll have to find that out ourselves once it’s available in the market.

  • SPEED:

The performance of Windows 10S will be significantly better than both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. It is speculated that the on time for the Surface Laptop will be about 15 seconds maximum. The core of Windows 10S will also be more lightweight than its predecessor versions. From these specs, we can assume the Windows 10S will be even faster than its rival, the Macbook Air that is known for its lightweight, super-fast and powerful processing system.


We already said that Microsoft has made big changes with the new Windows version and this one is probably the biggest change there is. Windows 10 Home, Windows Pro, and basically any other previous Windows versions allowed third-party applications and sources to install on your computer. Windows 10S won’t let you do that anymore. The new Windows will only allow you to download and run apps that are already on the Windows Store. Granted, the Windows Store is more or less a wasteland and does not compare to the Apple Store at all, but we hope that with the introduction of this new policy, the Microsoft will work harder on its store too.

Personally, I found this feature of the Windows 10S quite disadvantageous because this means you won’t be able to download or use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, QuickTime, Photoshop, AfterEffects or anything else unless it’s available on the Windows Store. No more direct downloads from your favorite websites or free trials of apps. Now, you’re limited to the Windows apps only.

There are some advantages to this though. For starters, this will keep your PC more secure. Secondly, the updates will be more regular and easily managed. We definitely see the resemblance of the new Windows 10S with Macbook now since iOS doesn’t let you download third party apps either unless they’re available on the Apple Store.


Microsoft does not want you to use anything on the Windows 10 that wasn’t created by them. That also means you can’t use your companion in school and basically everything research related, Google, as your search engine anymore. Now you have no option but to use Microsoft’s original search engine, Bing, to make your researches. I’ve always found Bing to produce slow results, and don’t even get me started on the Images tab. But, like all other things, let’s hope Microsoft works to improve Bing too.

Since third party apps won’t be downloadable on the new Windows, you can’t use Chrome or Firefox or even Opera for browsing. This means you’ll be restricted to the Microsoft Edge as your default browser (which, by the way, used to be the notorious Internet Explorer of the 20th century). I, for one, still feel primitive if I ever have to use Microsoft Edge. The lag and the crude controls seriously need to be revised if Microsoft hopes to get somewhere with it.

In a nutshell, although Windows 10S has some cool features (for example Azure AD Domain), amazing battery life and powerful processor that definitely make it a modern software, it lacks some of the core features of the original Microsoft Windows that we loved and were comfortable with. The one thing that iOS and Macbook fell back on was its lack of versatility and fewer options to connect with third party sources. Now, Microsoft seems to be following the same track and we’re not so sure if that would help it compete better with Apple. It might seriously throw it off its game too. We can’t be sure about how the new Windows 10S is received until it arrives with the Surface Laptop. All we can do is hope for the best for Microsoft.