LED light therapy

LED Light Therapy Might Be the Future of Facial Treatment

LED light therapy is your new best friend for smoother, clearer and younger looking skin. We’ve all tried traditional facials and spent countless dollars on acne creams and anti-aging serum only to be disappointed and fail miserably in our attempts to have a model-like skin. But you don’t have to worry anymore because LED light therapy or Color Light Therapy is here to save your day.

It might sound too good to be true. I mean, how can a bunch of light rays get rid of your stubborn pimples and blemishes that refused to go even after months of rigorous treatment? Well, you can give our modern science a pat on the back for this one because LED light therapy is guaranteed by many customers to have legitimate effects on your skin.

What is LED Light Therapy?

As the name indicates, LED Light Therapy uses Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs to exfoliate and extract acne-prone and inflammatory skin cells. The treatment involves different types of light which you can opt for separately or everyone depending upon your time and resources. The most popular, red wavelength of light, claims to reduce inflammation and improve the vascular circulation of your face. The blue light is speculated to rid your skin of acne causing bacteria and pathogens. The Amber light promotes the synthesis of elastin and collagen which are both important elements in the dermis of your skin and keep your skin young. The Infrared light helps to promote cell repair and healing.

Rest assured, just because LED Light therapy uses light in its treatment does not mean the rays are Ultra Violet in nature. UV rays aren’t good for your skin and LED light therapy does not harness any form of harmful radiation, so it’s completely safe.

How does it work?

Before the estheticians put you under the LED light bed, they prepare your skin for the actual therapy so that you’re ready to receive the light rays. This involves normal spa skincare routines including applying hot steam to open your skin pores, exfoliating the skin gently and applying lactic acid products. Your blackheads and whiteheads might be removed prior to the treatment as well. Cold masks may be applied to improve hydration of your skin. Some beauticians might also use a vibrating metal wand to create an ultra sound wave on the surface of your skin so that it’s ready to take up the LED light rays. The exact preparation of the skin is not fixed and might vary spa to spa and price to price as well. As a rule of thumb, try to include these skin care routines to your daily beauty regimen so the beautician doesn’t have to spend a lot of time prepping your skin.

Once your skin is ready, you will be asked to lie on a bed, the kind you’d normally use in sun-tan beds or massaging beds. Depending on your preference, you may be asked to wear goggles or stickers as an eye protector. This is obviously necessary since you will be exposed to harsh light directly for a long time.

The LED lights are then brought close to your face, and by that we mean seriously close. You wouldn’t want to move around much unless you want a bump on your head. The lights are also very harsh and bright at first but you eventually get used to it. The entire exposure to LED light rays in the LED light therapy lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes. This may not seem like a very long time but if you’re asked to stay still and pressed under a machine for that much time, you might end up feeling claustrophobic. If you have a fear of tight, closed spaces you might want to double check with your esthetician about the whole LED light therapy procedure.

The good news is the treatment does not feel hot on your skin as you’d expect light to be. It’s energy efficient and not a lot of heat is dissipated by the machine.

Once your half an hour of treatment is over, your beautician will use a high frequency tool to remove the bacteria or visible blemishes that they can see on your skin just to finish it up cleanly.

After effects of LED Light Therapy

You might not see results immediately. You might even think you’ve wasted your time and money on something that had no results. While some people notice change in their skin almost immediately, others might take up to three or four days to see any visible effect. You can even check out the range of before and after images available on the internet, and they’re not fake – take it from us.

Effects & Side Effects

Just to be clear, the LED light therapy does not lighten your skin or darken it. It isn’t fairness facial or a tanning facial. It’s there to clear your skin of acne and blemishes, give your skin an overall even tone, and act as an anti-aging treatment to rid your skin of wrinkles and droopy skin.

Although LED light therapy is relatively safe and does not involve harmful radiation, there may be some negative effects to it. First off, your skin might purge and you might actually see a worsening of acne and pimples before you see any improvement. Other side effects are less skin related and more neurology related. For instance, some people who have a genetic disposition to get triggered by intense light may experience mania, headaches or even fits. Visual defects may also occur if the eye protection is not strong enough. In these events, the light therapy should be immediately discontinued.


Oh, the big question. Let’s keep it short – LED light therapy is hella’ expensive for a facial. Depending upon your spa, the treatment price may vary but they usually are above US $150. Unless you can afford  to spend over 150 dollars on your routinely facials, LED light therapy might be the best for you  only if you get it before an important event.