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Green Tea – Benefits and Best Brands

Green Tea is probably the king of all beverages. Well, after water of course. Forget coffee, energy drinks or the Indian chai, a cup of green tea packs everything and more than any of these other beverages could ever hope to. In an earlier post, we talked about Matcha, the premium Japanese green tea. Sure, Matcha is the best you can get but there are other green tea brands and types that deserve some credit.

Chances are if you’re living out of the United States, you might not get all of these green tea products that I’m about to list in this article in a little while. Every country might have their own specific or popular brand of tea, but we possibly can’t discuss all of them within the scope of this article. So let’s keep our discussion to the US green tea brands for now. If you’re a non US citizen, you might not find this article a complete waste either. Check your nearest supermarket that supplies branded products and you might end up with one of these green tea products too.

Green Tea Benefits

For a newbie, let’s talk about what green tea can actually do for you and why we have easily labeled it as the king of all beverages. If you’re someone like me who’s been researching to shed those extra stubborn pounds, you’ve probably already come across the marvels of this tea. When I was trying to lose some weight last year, green tea was the cornerstone of my diet. Before breakfast, after breakfast, after lunch, before supper, after supper and more cups squeezing in between, I easily drank five to six cups of non-caffeinated green tea every day. And sure enough, the results were spectacular. I’ve always been one with some extra inches on the waist than I’d want them to be. This tea definitely cut down those extra inches off my waist. Of course, it should be known that green tea doesn’t work like magic to reduce your weight. You need to keep check of your daily calories and exercise too.

Other benefits of green tea include detoxifying your body and that helps in not only in losing those extra pounds but it also helps keep your gastrointestinal tract healthy. With this tea, your bowel movements become more regular and it’s a natural remedy for constipation.

Green tea also helps in boosting our immune systems. Once you make a few cups of green tea as a daily part of your diet, you will see a significant decrease in infections you’d otherwise get easily. Flu and sore throat can say goodbye for a while when you’re a green-tea enthusiast.

Another important benefit of green tea, especially to more beauty conscious people, is that it is great for the skin. It keeps your skin naturally healthy, clear and acne free. You might have seen some beauty hacks on YouTube that used green tea teabags under the eye to remove dark circles.

Let’s not forget the benefits of this tea on our cardiovascular system. Green-tea has antioxidants that are not only great for the skin, but they also reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases including heart attack and Myocardial infarction.

There are more benefits of this super beverage but that would probably require an entirely new post, so let’s not derail further. If you’re looking for the best green teas you can get in the US market, you should consider trying some of these brands.

Twinnings of London Green Tea (US $2.1/ounce)

This green-tea product is a personal favorite of mine. It’s easily available and it’s also exported across the world so you might even find it on a shelf of an Indian grocery shop. Twinnings Green Tea is originally a brand from London. It comes in a huge range of flavors. If you’re new to the green tea game, this product might be your best buy. While most people might think green-tea in general to have a disagreeable taste (maybe too bitter for some of them) but the Twinnings brand has a soothing, delicious taste. The tea has Sencha based green tea which is the second most popular type of green-tea after Matcha.

Triple Leaf Tea (US $3)

This brand contains Senna and Malva Verticilatta tea leaves that are ideal as laxatives and to promote healthy bowel movements. The Triple Leaf Dieter’s Green Herbal Tea also contains loads of anti-oxidants and is a decaffeinated product. The brand also has Loquat leaves as one of its ingredients that is thought to improve the functions of your stomach. It is a Chinese green-tea based product and it comes in a wide variety of flavors too.

TEAVANA Dragonwell Green Tea (US $15/2 oz)

The TEAVANA tea company has more than just green tea product to its credit than the Dragonwell, but this one in particular is their best. A little fancy for a tea product, the TEAVANA Dragonwell contains all natural ingredients and comes in actual tea leaves form that instead of the commercialized teabag. It has a complex nutty flavor to it which is light and subtle. It’s not completely decaffeinated though so if you’re looking for a completely caffeine free green-tea product, this might not work for you.

Yogi Pure Green (US $3.66)

The Yogi Pure Green comes in different flavors and types designed to improve a specific function of your body. For example the Yogi Super Anti-oxidant packs anti-oxidants more than average amounts, while the Yogi Muscle Recovery aims to improve muscle function. Another China-based product, this green tea has a subtle yet appreciable taste and contains additional ingredients in its formulation to improve your immune system. The company has a long history that dates back to the mid-20th century, further proving its genuineness.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Green Tea Ginger (US $3.42/oz)

Rated as one of the best green teas brands by various online lists, the Traditional Medicinals Organic tea product is perfect for a healthy bowel movements and a healthy stomach. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well and all of these benefits are because of its added ginger root ingredient. It’s not completely decaffeinated though as it claims to be, and you may not want to consume it just before bed. The taste of this product is definitely unique which is what makes it stand out from the rest of its kind. The flavor is slightly spicy and pungent but not in an unpleasant way. This green tea might not be suitable for everyone though and newcomers might find it too strong for their taste buds. However if you’re a pro at the green tea game, this one might be your best match.