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Waterproof Mascara Products that can Save Your Day

How many times have you worn your mascara and accidentally rubbed your eyes and washed your face only to realize you now look like Bagul from Sinister. Or maybe you’re a crier and you can’t help but shed a tear or two at the slightest thing but the struggle of keeping your makeup intact is too much so you’re a complete emotional wreck. I completely relate with you, as does any other female who loves to wear mascara on an everyday basis. But don’t worry, ladies! Waterproof mascara has got us all covered.

For some people, waterproof mascara might mean a sticky, heavy formula that weighs down your eyelashes. Sure, some products might actually do you more harm than good but that’s exactly why I’m writing this article. Another common problem to these mascaras is that they’re seriously hard to remove. Even the normal mascara needs some vigorous cleaning and excellent makeup remover wipes to get it completely off. Waterproof mascara is a tad more stubborn. But there are a lot of great features about these mascaras too.  Apart from keeping your makeup super long lasting, they also boost the curls on your lashes.

However, not every waterproof mascara product delivers what we hope it should. To help make your search easier and shopping experience hassle free, here are some of the best quality waterproof mascaras you can get.


Maybelline New York Great Lash Waterproof Mascara (US $3.79)

This super affordable mascara by Maybelline is a personal favorite of mine. I’ve used this product for years and it definitely remains one of the best mascaras out there. Forget Dior, Tom Ford or other big names, the New York Great Lash waterproof mascara by Maybelline is a cheap, travel friendly product you can use. The bristles of the brush are thin and designed to give your lashes more length than volume. The mascara doesn’t clump and it’s easy to apply. It is however a little difficult to remove but then again, most mascaras are.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (US $6.45)

Another great product by Maybelline, the Lash Sensational Mascara fills the gap the Great Lash Waterproof Mascara couldn’t – it adds that extra volume. The brush is of a fanning type and comes ten layers of bristles that are designed to perfect those curly lashes. The product clumps a bit more than the Great Lash mascara because of its more liquid consistency. However, it is easier to remove than the other Maybelline waterproof mascara too.

L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Miss Manga Rock Waterproof Mascara (US $2.1)

L’Oreal has an international market with buyers across the globe because of its excellent quality products and reasonable prices. The Miss Manga Rock waterproof mascara is no different. Although personally I’m not a huge fan of L’Oreal mascaras because they tend to dry up very quickly and clump, but the Miss Manga is one of a kind. It contains a 360 degrees spiked brush that amps up the volume of your lashes by many times. It gives the deep black effect and is perfect when you’re going for a smoky, sultry look. The product is a little heavy though and may be slightly difficult to remove.

CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara (US $5.9)

This mascara is another volume boosting waterproof product that has a deep rich black color perfect for smoky makeup looks. The company claims the mascara to work for every skin tone. One of the drawbacks of any mascara is that you might contract an eye infection. I know a lot of women who get redness or even conjunctivitis because the mascara product doesn’t suit them. You don’t have to worry about that with CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara because the product is specially formulated to stay hypoallergic. However, a few customers have reported the mascara to be flaky.


DiorShow Iconic by Dior (US $29.5)

The DiorShow Iconic waterproof mascara adds both length and volume to your eyelashes and is a Hollywood red carpet favorite. The product is 100% smudge free and is designed to stay on for a full 24 hours. It doesn’t clump either and the removal is easy too. The silicone bristles in the brush enhance the curls of your lashes too. We obviously expect the best quality formulation at this price by Dior. However, there have been numerous complaints of the DiorShow Iconic mascara being too heavy and wet.

Buxom Lash Waterproof Mascara (US $20)

The Buxom mascara comes in a blackest of black color that is great at giving the extra boost of volume you might be looking for. Some unique features of the Buxom product that makes it stand out from the rest is that it contains added Vitamins that help nourish your lashes and keep them healthy. The brush is an hour-glass type designed to accentuate curls and the overall length of your eyelashes. It doesn’t clump either. However, the product doesn’t last for a long time and dries up quite quickly which might not be worth the price. But still, if you’re looking for a healthy mascara product, the Buxom Lash Waterproof mascara might be your best buy.

High Impact by Clinque (US $17.5)

This waterproof mascara product by Clinque doesn’t smudge, clump, flake or weigh your lashes down so it basically ticks all the marks for a good quality mascara product. It is also heat and weather resistant and the product lasts for a relatively decent time. The High Impact mascara is also safe for sensitive eyes and skin.

MakeUp Forever Aqua Smoky Extravagant Waterproof Mascara (US $24)

MakeUp Forever is known to make some of the best yet expensive makeup products in the industry. The Aqua Smoky Extravagant Waterproof Mascara is a great buy if your budget allows it. The brush is a unique cone-shaped type that improves the length of your lashes and greatly enhances their volume. The brush also harbors a precision tip that adds the final touches to your makeup look. The MakeUp Forever Aqua Smoky Extravagant mascara does not clump and stays on for an entire day. However a major shortcoming reported by customers is that the mascara tends to flake off, and it’s not as waterproof as it claims to be so it’s not a 100% smudge free.