Surface pro 5

Should You Wait for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5?

In an earlier post we talked about how the yet to be released Microsoft Surface Laptop is one of the most talked about inventions of 2017. Microsoft has pleasantly surprised us with various new releases this year and the Surface Laptop remains at the top of the list. But there are more incredible machines by Microsoft that deserve credit. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 tablet makes it to the list too and here’s why.

The Surface Pro 5 is the next in line of the Pro series, after Surface Pro 4. The exact release date of the new smart tablet is not known however countless rumors did unmask the key specs and features we need to know about it last year in August 2016. The Surface Pro 5 is definitely leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor model. In this article, we’ll break down some of the main differences between the two machines that might or might not want to make you wait for the Surface Pro 5 to be available in the market.


Perhaps the most striking difference in the two Microsoft tablets is the processor it runs on. The Surface Pro 4 was built on the now primitive Skylake architecture and although the processor is powerful, it’s not the best available anymore. With the introduction of Intel’s Kaby Lake, Surface Pro 5 is speculated to incorporate this new hardware. There have also been reports of Intel working on the new Cannonlake-based architecture chips and we might as well see the Surface Pro 5 running the latest Cannonlake processor instead of the Kaby Lake. Other rumors have also speculated the Surface Pro 5 to run on AMD’s Ryzen CPU. With the reveal of the Ryzen Threadripper just yesterday, we could hope to see the Surface Pro 5 running the new 16-core 32-threads CPU chip which would boost its performance to many degrees although that would increase the cost of the tablet and is therefore unlikely.


The Surface Pro 4 packed an excellent 2,736 x 1824 pixel resolution IPS display with an LCD panel. We’re not sure about what the Surface Pro 5 will feature in its display but rumors have surfaced it might as well have a 4K/Ultra HD display like the Microsoft Surface Laptop and other latest releases. This would mean an amazing 3840 x 2160 pixel resolutions and a wonderful visual treat for the eyes. However since this display will definitely take up a lot more battery life and amplify the costs, we are not sure if Microsoft will introduce 4K display to this new tablet.


As far as the memory and storage of the two Microsoft tabs are concerned, there have not been any reports on major changes in this specification. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to have 16 GB random access memory and up to 1 TB internal memory. Similar values exist for the Surface Pro 4 so we cannot pass a verdict in this one unless more information is revealed.


Since both the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Pro 4 are thought to be built on the same architecture, we do not expect a lot of difference in the battery life of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5, nor has the company unmasked any valuable details in this regard. We can only assume the battery life to change if the Pro 5 comes with the Ryzen Threadripper or a 4K Ultra HD display. Since we still do not know if that will happen, we can’t say much about a change in the battery life of the new model. The Surface Pro 4 packed a solid battery life of nine hours with average use and the recommended screen brightness. The charging of the Surface Pro 4, however, was a bit slow, and users who have been using the Surface Pro 4 for more advanced operations such as graphic designing have complained the battery life not being good enough.


Both the Pro 5 and the Surface Pro 4 use the Surface pen that was originally invented in 2012. With every new version, the stylus has seen new developments and variations. In the latest Surface Pro stylus version for the Pro 4 table, the pen featured a top-mounted eraser and a magic button that you could customize. We do expect to see the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 bring with it changes to the Surface Pro stylus too. A possible improvement could be in its pressure sensor and sensitivity. We might even expect the new Surface Pen to come in a rechargeable form which will definitely elevate the pen status.


Long story short – the Surface Pro 4 was not a cheap tablet. It was definitely one of the high end tablets and was initially sold at US $970. Now, however, with the latest Surface Pro 5 on the way, Microsoft has offered a $200 discount on the Surface Pro 4. It’s still pretty expensive though but not more than the Surface Pro 5. The exact price of the Surface Pro 5 is not known of course, but from what we can estimate according to the specs revealed, the price could easily push the $1200 mark assuming the latest processor and the latest display is introduced in the Surface Pro 5.

Surface Pro 4 vs. Surface Pro 5: Who Wins?

Since we still don’t know the full details of the Pro 5, it might be too early to pass a verdict. But like other devices, an upgrade is always better (and more expensive). If you’re thinking of waiting for the new Microsoft tablet to release, though, you might have to wait for a long time. Microsoft currently has other big projects on its plate and is pushing the release date of the Surface Pro 5 further and further. Latest rumors about the possible release date tell us we might not have the new Microsoft tablet before 2018. So if you can’t wait that long and have to absolutely buy a Microsoft Surface tablet, we do recommend going for the Surface Pro 4 for now instead.